Monday, January 26, 2009


Tag you're it.

Man, you people were busy "tagging" over the weekend! Im never good at remembering to do these if people tag me so I figured I better jump on it now or else it wont happen.

Thanks to Mary, my new lovely cousin.. {"new" as in I married Freeland and she is Freeland's cousin.. not new as in I just found out I had one or something} & Kori who I know & love from back in the good ol days of high school.. for tagging me. The rules are...
  1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
  2. Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were tagged...
  3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.
And in no particular order: 10 HONEST things about myself

  1. When I was little and played soccer.. for the Shooting Stars.. I told my family I wanted to quit the team because I hated when my hands got sticky during half time from the oranges they gave us. And I was serious. I wasnt giving up eating the oranges.. I was giving up soccer. Thats probably why I was so athletic the rest of my life too.
  2. I wear socks ALL the time. Not just any socks... thick winter socks. (unless I have on flip flops.. which is only in the summer) But I have what they like to call Raynauds. ("They" being the people with the letters DR. before their name. Oh and isnt that just perfect that we now live where its 10 degrees!?) Anyway, it is the worst in my poor little toes. Really they are like ice all the time. So in hopes of it not getting worse & my feet not turning crazy colors and hurting really bad - the socks pretty much dont come off. EVER. Use your imagination. :)
  3. I only wash my hair when I have to. These days its every other day. And if Im being honest.. what Im really saying is that I only shower every other day. But if Im REALLY being honest.. what Im really saying is that every other day is a step up for me. Back in the day (we wont say what 'back in the day' really means).. I went longer. (Is anyone still following this?) And thats why I knew Freeland & I were perfect for each other & that I had to marry him.. He too has been known for going days without showering. Not that he does it anymore. because that would be gross.. right?
  4. I grind my teeth at night. And I dont even know how to do it or what it sounds like but somehow I do it. But hey .. I dont snore.. so Ive got that going for me. And honestly.. since this is all about being honest.. I think I only grind my teeth now when Im stressed out. But you would have to ask freeland to verify that.
  5. I will return anything. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Doesn't matter how long I had it, if its been used, or if I am only going to get $1.00 back .. if I dont want it anymore .. I will return it. And I have some pretty amazing stories about that. Another time though..
  6. I cant get in bed without the sheets & the covers fixed and on the bed right. If they arent right I will get out of bed & require the same of Freeland and fix them so they are straight and on and tucked in right before I will get back in. I also refuse to sleep with more than 1 pillow.
  7. Im a picker. I will pick anything if I can... even if its not on me. GROSS. Yes.. but its true. Again.. ask Freeland. I do it & dont even know that I am.
  8. I LOVE rap music. WHAT? ME? RAP? Yes .. and not just your good ol Will Smith Rap song. And lets just say it isnt a rare occasion for Freeland to come home to me with it turned all the way up blasting through our house .. or for him to hear me driving all the way from the end of the street because I have it turned up so loud in my car. I dont apologize for it either. It makes our dance parties more fun.
  9. I took Swahili in college instead of Spanish in hopes that I would one day go to Africa and use it. But now I forgot how to say everything except Mwalimu. For those non-swahili speaking people who read this blog. Mwalimu is swahili for Teacher.. I think.
  10. When I was 16.. my dad graciously bought me a car so I could drive to and from places. And I was really responsible and showed him what I great driver I was going to be and how thankful he was going to be that I was on his insurance plan by wrecking it on the way home from the dealership. After only 30 minutes (at most) of owning it. My dad was so happy.

I tag these 7 people:

Amy Yablonski, Amber, Peter & Anne, Jenna, Meagan, Richmond, Vanessa , Lindsey, Kelly and really everyone else who reads this! Yes.. Im aware I picked more than 7 too.

And also thanks to Paige for tagging me with the "This Blog Measures Up".


Here are the rules:

1. Say one nice thing to the man in your life: Freeland .. you are the cream to my coffee.. the icing to my cupcake.. the cheese to my macaroni.. And... I love you more than reading harry potter at night, more than angelina & brad want to adopt another baby, more than wearing pajamas all day, more than Papa Johns Pizza while were on a diet.. more than Maddie loves to get on the couch.. and even more than Eddie loves food.

You complete me J. Freeland Ackley.

2. List at least 6 ways you measure success in your life.
1. I am successful when I dont eat pizza more than 3 nights a week
2. I am successful when I wake up early and dont go back to bed 30 minutes later
3. I am successful when I walk into Target and dont buy something
4. I am successful when I think before I speak. Or when I just stop talking and listen
5. I am successful when I can actually see the top of my desk (ie: when I have a clean desk)
6. I am successful when I even just think about working out.

3. Assign 5 other blogs this award: all the local people I tag you:

Camille, Sarah Allen, Lauren, Bethany, Christie, and Jamie. Did I miss anyone?

And I feel awful for never posting this tag from Karah & all the other fun Christmas ones every did. I was soo behind. Forgive me. Its not you - its me! :)

Happy Monday.


  1. oh dear Brooke; i'm lauging at the thought of you (or anybody for that matter), wrecking a car leaving the dealership!

  2. oh man, I'm way behind on this and life in general... is this like a facebook tag thing?? I'll do my best to try to do this. I'll be honest though, i am so not blogger savvy.. I don't even know if I can post links... I'll give it a shot later. Love you guys!

  3. I never hear about anyone having raynaud's . . . I have it also. Really enjoy reading your blog (found you through the Jenning's)!