Monday, January 5, 2009

I will remember this.. and I will resolute to do that ..

I will always remember that in 2008 I:

moved across the country for the first time
celebrated our 1 year anniversary and it was perfect
had my first hangnail ever
celebrated, supported, & endured Freeland's first semester of med school
quit tanning for the first time ever & started to take care of my skin
participated in my first fantasy football competition with Freeland
sold our first house
witnessed & took part in a long & historic Presidential Election
attended more festivals than I knew was possible
made lots of mistakes that I only hope to learn from
learned how to sew {attempted to be more domestic}
started reading again
got rid of lots of things we didnt need {my favorite thing in 2008}
blogged 279 times {and also left some post unpublished.. sneaky huh?}

was glued to the TV for weeks during the Olympics
learned a lot about money, our budget, and our economy
by the grace of God was able to keep my job during all the mortgage crisis
witnessed & celebrated lots of friends lives, weddings, and babies.
decided I wanted to learn more about photography
went to the doctor way way way too many times
laughed as much as possible
enjoyed the simple things more

I will resolute in 2009 to:

paint my nails as often as possible
write more thank you notes
start running again {remind me to tell you this funny story}
floss my teeth more {just being honest}
clean out our house & donate things at least every 2 months
return emails & phone calls quicker .. or at all {ie there are 64 unread emails right now}
moisturize more & treat my body better
shop less
Bake for our neighbors
Kiss Freeland more {per his request}
go to even more festivals than we did last year
have lots of fresh herbs & possibly veggies blooming outside
get frustrated less
beg convince more friends & family to visit us
take the dogs for longer walks
be more vulnerable

clean out the coffee pot more often
pick up my journal again
sort through all my pictures sitting in boxes in our garage
make handmade gifts

cook healthier food for us
finish "to do" list {specifically the ones Freeland gives me}
have lots of amazing memories with Freeland
worship deeper & pray more faithfully

Happy New Year!!


  1. Happy New Year Brooke, hope you both have an awesome year!

  2. i love this. You have inspired my blog for the day. :) GREAT resolutions my friend. HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy 2009! Great resolutions! Take 'em a day at a time:)

  4. Great lists Brooke! It inspired me to make some lists too; but....I haven't yet......

  5. Brooke ~

    I am delurking to tell you that I love your resolutions! I think I might add a few of yours to my list...thanks!

    I found your lovely blog through NieNie's and I've enjoyed reading about you, Freeland and your little fur children ever since!

    I also wanted to ask you where did you get your christmas stockings from? I love the traditional red with white trim and name. I would love to do that for my family but I am not sure where to find these stockings.

    Thanks and keep on blogging! I love reading your fun posts!

    ~ Bobbi

    PS- You can check out my family blog at if you would like to read all about my crazy journey with two little ones...

  6. can you make me a copy of your list??.. that's the best list I've ever seen... excpet the kiss freeland part, we can replace it with zach :)happy new year sweet friend!

  7. Bobbi .. so sorry Im just now responding to your question. Our stockings are from Pottery Barn. They have them every year so thats why we got those (later if we add to the family they will still have them) They come in other colors too. If you wait for the sale or until after christmas they are also on a HUGE clearance. Hope that helps! Thanks for your sweet comment! Brooke