Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah


Happy Birthday Sarah! Today is also her birthday! Sarah & I have been friends for a long time now! She was my neighbor {technically there was 1 house in between ours.. but that doesnt matter} growing up on good ol' Eden Valley Lane. I love thinking back to us growing up! I think there are some of the most hilarious memories that I have with Sarah. Like.. when she used to sneak over after school and hang out at my house before my brother & her sister got home from school.. and we were supposed to be doing homework. Or the time she caught her kitchen on fire! And all of our sleepovers.. slumber parties.. the hours & hours we spent outside playing.. and that she was was always barefoot {she was not a fan of shoes back then}

And even though she moved away before middle school we still remained such good friends! Its one of my most favorite things about Sarah.. that we can go for weeks, months, and maybe even a year without talking {lets hope its never that long} but we just pick up right where we left off. Now she is out in Cali living it up and I miss her like crazy! But Im beyond thankful that Sarah is still one of my dear friends and will always have such a huge part in my life. It really was an honor having her as a bridesmaid in our wedding and I am incredibly thankful that I she has been such a close friend all these years.. and I know we still have so many more to go!

Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you have an incredibly special day today. I love you! Brooke

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