Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Lindsey!


Today is Lindsey's Birthday!!!! Lindsey was my roomie in college back at Baylor! I first met Lindsey through Tri Delt and I cant remember exactly what it was our sophomore year .. but at some point we became close friends and decided to move in together! I am so thankful that we did because Lindsey was such an awesome roommate! I really was lucky to have her to live with. I even sometimes look back & realize how much I took it for granted and wish I could still just run downstairs and hang out with her!

She is such a genuine & loving person. She really is 100% the most supportive friend anyone could have. She has more energy than anyone I know and I love the she is always up for anything and willing to try something new! See.. cant you imagine that she was so fun to live with?

I will never forget playing pranks with you {freezing clothes.. and wrapping cars!} Oh and when we said "the cops came by the house" Our trip to Austin as roomies, hanging out with the neighbors, the time we had a Christmas party, staying up way to late trying to study, the year you worked your bottom off & kicked butt as Sing Chair .. and so many other fun memories! I hope you have an awesome birthday! I miss getting to see you everyday!

And just for kicks: Look what I found. Thankfully you wont be doing Rush this year on your birthday! But these made me smile!


us in our AWESOME jersey's during rush on Lindsey's Birthday



  1. You made me smile so much with this post. THANKS!!!!!! :) I totally don't even remember having my birthday on rush. I'm so glad you have this pic. Haha. Ps WTF is wrong with my eyebrows in that second picture? haha.

    I miss you like crazy!!!! What's your number? I saw your facebook message. I do have a new number. It's 512-809-8223. Send me your number and I'll give you a call sometime. I cannot wait to catch up.

    Miss you like crazy! XOXOXO

  2. PS I HEART BROOKE!!!! :) and I thoroughly miss living with her. She was a fantastic roommate.