Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas in Conroe

christmas in houston

Freelands Mom & Step-Dad Carl

So back to Christmas. After we spent time in Dallas for a couple of days we made our way down to Houston to spend Christmas with Freeland's family. We stopped through Waco on the way - which was SO fun. We got to see Matt & Katie, my grandparents, Kevin, our neighbors, and our old home sweet home!

I think driving through Waco was the hardest part of our trip. It was bittersweet. And Emotional.

Then we kept on driving and made our way to Houston.

The first night we talked Freeland's mom & Carl into all getting Christmas pajamas with us. Which made Christmas so much more fun. {note to self next year go earlier so we can all find some that match} And then we went back to their house and helped them set up their Christmas tree

christmas in houston
everyone setting up the tree

christmas in houston
freeland & carl fixing all the lights

christmas in houston
Freelands mom helping out

Christmas in Houston
the final product

Then we all opened an early gift. Freelands mom picked out ornaments for each of us. Its a tradition she is starting and it was a lot of fun.

christmas in houston
Carls was an airplane.. perfect since he flies planes

christmas in houston
Mine was noah's ark

christmas in houston
and freeland got this cross

They also have a tradition of using Santa Mugs. I got one this year. And its all I drank out of the entire time I was there.
christmas in houston
our mugs

Carl has a train set that he sets out every year. And at some point I became determined to make it this huge, complicated, .. and awesome track just for fun:

christmas in houston
me playing with the trains..
also this picture is proof that I did actually take off my pajamas at some point.. even though Im wearing them in every single picture that we have from our 3 days in Houston.

christmas in houston
But my train crashed
So Carl came and fixed it

christmas in houston
Carl fixing the train

christmas in houston
and then Freeland came in and finished the track.. and he made it AWESOME
it even had a bridge and all sorts of loops and other fun stuff

christmas in houston
We also spent Christmas morning in Houston. It was so fun.
I dont remember the last time I woke up SUPER early to open gifts.
But we did this year and it was just like being a kid again.

christmas in houston
all the gifts Santa left under the tree

christmas in houston
opening gifts

christmas in houston
this was a joke gift we got both Freeland's mom & carl.

Background to the story: Freelands mom always has us pick out some of Carls gifts for her every year. And then this year Carl asked us to pick out Rhonda's gift for him.

So we decided we would throw in a few extra gifts that were "from each of them" without them knowing it.

Carl got Christmas boxers from Rhonda that said "Ive been BAD.. and you know thats GOOD" .. and Rhonda got a Christmas Candy Cane Thong from Carl.

Truly amazing to watch them open it.
and a tradition that we started this year .. as long as they still want us to pick out each others gifts for them (PS: Freeland made me share that information it wasnt my choice)

christmas in houston
I got the cookie book that I wanted.. along with lots of other fun things. Rhonda always goes out of her way to do stuff for us.

christmas in houston
Freeland's mom got him a copy of his publication. It was a perfect surprise & something he has been wanting for a long time. I know she went through a lot of hard work getting our own copy we loved it.

christmas in houston
Aunt Pam sent us to Houston with some pictures for Rhonda.
This is her mom & dad. {Gee & Cotton}
Arent they gorgeous?
I love this picture.

christmas in houston
And I just like this picture of big carl .. so I added it.

We stayed for 3 days in Houston and it went by too fast. But we got lots of time with family. So Im thankful we were able to go. It really was an amazing Christmas and we both loved it.

After we opened gifts on Christmas morning we packed up the car and headed back to Dallas. So .. you know what that means only 1 more Christmas post left.

PS - we still have all our Christmas decorations up. So it still feels like christmas to me! I love it.


  1. I'm picturing Rhonda opening her 'surprise' gift right now. Priceless.

  2. hey brooke! I thought I'd say hi finally (i've been reading your blog for like months now!) ... mostly because I got so excited that it said Christmas in CONROE! how i arrived on your blog is a mystery to me (poefam maybe? fab k maybe??), BUT it's so random because I live in Conroe and Freeland went to high school with my sister in law! i'm tellin ya, these blogs are crazy connected.

    anyhow, my husband's name is Matt Rodriguez, and his sister who is yalls age (i'm not stopping the yall) is Juli Rodriguez. Maybe Freeland will remember her!

    Love your blog, love your pictures, love your writing ... hope it's ok if i keep up! :)

    Happy 2009!