Friday, January 16, 2009

3 things

1. This is the weather outside right now: Freakin Freezing {freeland said his nose hairs froze the second he walked outside its that cold}

Current Weather

notice it says "Feels Like -25"

2. This was a conversation I had with Freeland last night that I thought "you all" (not yall as apparently I say that too much.. but really I don't care and probably wont stop saying it) should know:

Me: Oh my gosh guess what I forgot to tell you
Freeland: oh this sounds good
Me: oh it is good
Freeland: we won the lottery
Me: nope
Freeland: were going to Italy for the summer
Me: no but its that good.. your close
Freeland: (some things that shouldn't be shared on the blog)
Me: well its that exciting but that's not it
Freeland: what is it?
Me: Nie Nie starts blogging again today!! She is back & its a celebration for sure. Amen
Freeland: that is incredible.

It was obvious he was just as excited as I was (really he did always keep up with how they were doing and was genuinely interested in their amazing recovery.. that wasn't sarcasm)

3. I booked a ticket to see this girl & her precious children, 1 who I have yet to meet, last night. It will be a quick trip. But Im thankful I can go. Her sister lives in Connecticut & she is going to be there in February .. and it would kill me to know that she is that close to me and I couldn't see her.

4. I lied.. there is one more. I promise to post the other pictures from our trip to Texas {aka Christmas} today. Seeing as were half way through January - i see it only as appropriate to get this show on the road.


  1. He never blogs.
    He is quiet in the background.
    Much is said about him with nary a reply.

    I like this guy!

    Look at this:

    "Freeland: (some things that shouldn't be shared on the blog)"

    Here is a hubs speaking to a wife privately, a wife who blogs about anything and everything, yet he still speaks the things that should be blogfree.....knowing he can trust her discretion.

    No wonder they call him FREEland.

    And Brooke, your discernment and trust is WELL deserved.

    May it always be so.

    Best regards,
    Danny Lucas

  2. Bundle up Brookie! That's super chilly. Love you!

  3. I can't imagine. What do the dogs think? Do they look at you like, "Uh uh we'll just "go" in here where it's warm...

  4. Brooke ~

    Since you are "transplanted" to my wonderful state of PA...I will let you in on a little secret. THIS IS FREAKING COLD...for PA! Seriously, we haven't had this kind of weather in like forever.

    NieNie blogging again is a miracle! I loved her first post...the picture says it all. I am sooooo excited to see/hear more. I can't believe its only been 5 months since the accident and she is typing? AMAZING!

    Thanks for letting me know about the x-mas stockings. I went to their site as soon as I got your message and wouldn't you know it...they didn't have the big ones anymore. Guess I will have to wait til next year. I am super excited to order them and I think I will get the matching tree skirt as well!

    Thanks again!

    Stay Warm,


  5. one thing. it's colder than a whore's heart. LOL LOL

  6. Oh wow, Nie is back, will pop over and go and see.

    Hope it gets warmer...we are dying of the heat down here.

  7. seriously; that cold?! I can't imagine. Stay warm! (easy for me to say; I live in Houston!)