Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Thanksgiving Menu

First Annual Thanksgiving in Erie

For Breakfast
Monkey Bread while we watched the Parade
(tradition in Ackley Household)

For Lunch
We skipped lunch to save all the room we could
and instead just snacked
while we put up our tree & cooked

For the Feast of all Feast
Stuffing (or dressing whichever you fancy)
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes w/ marshmallows on top
Spinach & Cheese Puff from Martha Stewart
Creamed Corn (holy cow it was yummy)
Fresh Cranberry Sauce
Dinner Rolls
Homemade Pecan Pie
Homemade Pumpkin Pie
And lots of other yummy baked snacks

& of course Wine
(Sarah gave us yummy german holiday wine..
which was so yummy & festive)

Here are some pictures from our dinner:

Thanksgiving 2008
The amazing & yummy Turkey

Thanksgiving 2008
Drew carving the turkey

Thanksgiving 2008
perfect slices

Thanksgiving 2008
The adorable little table settings that Sarah did

Thanksgiving 2008
all the food

Thanksgiving 2008
more yummy food (and yes there were only 4 of us eating it)

Thanksgiving 2008
Freeland's jammed packed plate

It was a great Thanksgiving! We spent the day together celebrating, baking, eating, resting, and being thankful. At first we thought we would be a little sad to not be with our family (and even though we did miss them) I was surprised how much we loved being at our own house and not having to travel. It was really nice just being together and creating all of our own traditions.

Our little Zoo also had a great Thanksgiving.. I dont think I mentioned it before, but Powers was also with us for the break. Maddie & Oliver had a blast playing with him and hosting a "guest" for the holidays. The whole family was together! It was priceless watching them all play nonstop the whole week. It felt like we had kids everywhere with all of them here - which just made the entire break SO much better and So much more fun

Sarah & Drew, who you may remember also hosted our Halloween Party, had us over for dinner since they were also staying in Erie for the holidays. So the 4 of us did our Thanksgiving Meal together. She, as always, was an awesome hostess! We had a great time. We split up the Meal .. so it was a group effort. But Drew & Sarah made the Turkey - which was SO yummy!! After we stuffed ourselves silly we watched Wall-E and enjoyed just hanging out. I loved it!

When we left it was snowing. Which was just icing on the cake.

Then once the holiday was over I almost had heart failure because I realized Christmas was way too close. Even though I have been ready for it for 4 months now - it just sneaks up on you.
PS- I promise I will never say yummy again. Jeez.. Yummy Yummy Yummy. Okay Im done.


  1. Oh wow, this POST is making me hungry! Thanks for watching Pow-Wow!

  2. that turkey looks delicious. everything looks good. i can't wait for christmas dinner now.

  3. I'll bet Powers is home recovering now, since he is used to sleeping all day while the cats are away. CCJ was telling me about his curiosity about the cats and their reaction. TOO FUNNY!

    Your meal looks delicious. I am impressed. I don't think I tackled anything like that at your stage in life. I was busy mooching off of Momma & MIL!

  4. It looks like you guys have a really great time! Awesome job on your menu!