Thursday, December 11, 2008

remember that time

Remember when this happened? And my camera quickly decided it no longer wanted to live.

I was sad about the whole thing because I used her pretty much every single day of her entire life. And after 4 years she still worked great. How often does that happen? But dont worry .. the story isnt over.

After that "little incident" {by little I mean not little and by incident I mean the most horrible & kind of funny weekend ever} Freeland came home and worked his magic. He took the camera completely apart & cleaned it off.. and then somehow managed not to loose a single screw or tiny piece.. and put it back together.

Why would he do that? Well, he did all of that because we found my warranty. The warranty my dad just happened to get when he bought me the camera from Best Buy.. and you should know that he never buys those.. who does? But he just happened to this time. And he also happened to skip the 2 year warranty and buy the 4 year warranty instead. Meaning that the camera was still under warranty.. for just 2 more months.

Meaning - MAYBE there was a chance that we could take it in to Best Buy and MAYBE they could fix it. And MAYBE if they couldnt they would allow me to get another camera. And MAYBE that camera wouldnt be dropped in the water for an hour and would MAYBE work.

Perfect timing or what? So we took the camera to Best Buy.. they agreed it didnt work and sent it off. Then I received a phone call on Saturday that said "I have some news for you [gulp] we couldnt fix your camera ... but you are welcome to come in and pick out another one if you want"

YES PLEASE! So thank you freeland for putting the camera in my backpack while we were hiking.. and not zipping it all the way.. and Thank you Dad for just happening to buy the warranty so we could get a brand new camera that I love for absolutely nothing. Thank you Best Buy for letting us just pick any camera we wanted & giving us a super fun.. and FREE.. christmas present.

Moral of the story: when they ask if you want the warranty and you think you dont because you will never use it.. you just might 2 months before it expires. Huge blessing.


  1. I love reading your blog and am always amazed at how well your pics turn out...can you tell me what kind of camera you are working with...i have camera envy!! :)

  2. That's amazing Brooke! I'm glad everything worked out from your crazy Labor Day weekend. You should bring your new camera tonight!!

  3. Theres one of those priceless moments. I know what its like to have Freeland make it all better.

    Speaking of better, we better see you in Dallas soon!