Monday, December 8, 2008

Powers + Maddie + Oliver = BFFL

Like I mentioned before, Powers {adam & camille's dog} stayed with us over Thanksgiving! Powers is pretty much the only dog {that we are aware of} that our dogs LOVE. Not like they just put up with him or are nice and dont try to walk on him or eat him - more LOVE like: they spaz out when he comes over.. they jump around.. they start breathing like they havent had water for 5 days.. their tales start knocking everything over.. and they all run in circles.. that kinda of love. The kind of love that allows Maddie to share Freeland. Im pretty sure Powers is the only other dog Maddie would make that kind of sacrifice for. Thats true love.

so you see : POWERS + MADDIE + OLIVER = BFFL

It may be the fact that they all lived together at one point back in Waco. But I feel like its really because Powers holds his own when he is around them. If maddie starts playing around and creeps up on powers - powers creeps right back. If oliver barks - powers barks back. If one marks their spot in the yard - the other marks theirs right back. Thats sorta thing.

AND IM SO THANKFUL FOR THAT! Even though when they all start playing there is no stopping them - Its incredibly nice to see a dog who doesnt get scared and think our dogs are big & scary. They are just big.. but thats about it. They arent going to hurt anyone! Powers can prove it.

Anywho - while we were with Powers during the holidays.. we took them all on a walk over in Powers Neighborhood so he could show Maddie & Oliver his hood. (and he actually did lead them the entire time on the walk wich was very funny) But before we went out we let them run around in the back yard first to get all their craziness out of them.
So, here is a preview of what it normally looks like when they are all together:

Puppies Playing
Maddie & Oliver getting their plan together

Puppies Playing
going in for the attack..
JUST KIDDING! They dont do that!
They do this:

Puppies Playing
run around in circles while Freeland plays with all of them.
This time it was all about a stick.

Puppies Playing
I think Oliver thought they were playing "chase powers" not "catch the stick"

Puppies Playing
Check out the bat powers

Puppies Playing
Powers takes these games very seriously.
And seriously, he could do this all day long.
Jump.. run in a circle.. Jump.. run in a circle.. Jump.. run in a circle

Puppies Playing
COLLISION! Powers running into Olivers chest.
Maddie sadly lost interest, but normally:
powers is chasing the stick..
maddie is chasing powers..
and oliver is just running behind maddie chasing everyone for support.

Puppies Playing
But this time - Oliver won. He got the stick.

Puppies Playing
Which called for a little father-son bonding time.
True friends.

Maybe one of these days I can show you what Sam thinks of Powers.


  1. Yaaaay! I love seeing them play! Happy Happy Joy Joy!
    Thanks for posting this, love y'all!

  2. I heard about what Sam think about Powers. Would love to see a pic of that!

  3. Knowing how TALL Freeland is, I can't believe how big your dogs are! Graham and Ana got a female GD a few months ago and she is huge--not that huge...they got the one that is one step down from yours! She is a sweet dog, has no idea how big she is. Their min-pin bosses her around. Good Lord how much do those dogs EAT?!

  4. OMG...I always thought Powers was such a big dog...not compared to your two! I have to meet them when I get back!