Thursday, December 4, 2008

Merry Mixer

Picture 24

Have you seen this? I was browsing on Gap looking for Christmas Gifts and came across this little picture that said something about their Merry Mixer.. so I clicked and watched. I was cracking up. I love that they put all these people together and I very much appreciate everyone of their holiday ads every year.

Rainn Wilson (dwight) + Selma Blair + Jason Biggs + Napolean Dynamite + Flo Rider + many other funny people = Very Funny! Chello!

I found this on You Tube to share with you. It has 4 of them combined. But the first 2 are my favorite. Especially the end of the first one.

There's your money shot. Cut!

If you want to see the others or see it in better quality click the Merry Mixer link up there .. it will take you to the Gap website with the videos.

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  1. this is a REALLY cute video! these really take the pressure off my work day... (pressure you say? yea sure.)

    Anyway thanks for sharing friend! P.S. I changed the link to my blog for (future)business purposes. It is now: not jennatothelou. i am not sure where you have it linked, but if you wanna change it... :)