Monday, December 15, 2008

internet, will you help me one more time?

I know I always ask for help and for your opinion. And it gets old - and I dont even know half of you. Im needy lets face it. But you are always so helpful.. so here I am again. One more time.

It happened in Texas so I knew it would only get worse here. And I was right. My hair isnt even as long as I used to have it and Im going nuts. If I dont keep it out of the way or pay attention then I have a huge knot in my hair by the end of the day because of all the layers of clothes, tags, and the combination of wind, snow, rain, etc.

And then I have to basically do a treatment on it to get the knots out. Not really - but its painful combing those things out.

So, thats where you come in. I have a hair appointment. And Im obviously debating chopping it all off. I really am not a fan of my hair short. Especially when it starts growing again. (i dont enjoy the in between stage) But Im not sure I can handle longer hair the rest of the winter.

And there is another thing. Umm how do I say this. Well, Im not really blonde! In the chance somehow you didnt notice my roots - I just wanted to tell you. I used to have my hair brown. Then I went back blonde. Blonde is expensive though. And you have to actually tend to it. So Im thinking about that also.

I saw this on Michelle's blog a while ago. You can go to a website and upload a picture to see your hair a different style. And thats what I did. But I still had no idea what to do.

My hair appointment is WEDNESDAY MORNING.. so will you please look at these and tell me what you think?

I added a little poll over there on the right so you can tell me your opinion anonymously & you dont have to leave a comment.

That way you will all be honest with me! And I will never know who you are! Should I cut it? Should I go brown, blond-er, or leave it be? Are there any other questions that are more important in life than this right now? I think not.

Ignore the horrible pictures. I did this quick. Its not something I was willing to spend all night on & I already felt strange enough making a post all about me .. and asking your opinion .. so lets just get this over with:


short & brown
(and minus a few pounds since this picture is a little old)

another brown (ignore the curl.. I wouldnt spend the time to add that everyday)

same hair cut but blondish-brown. Again, ignore the curl and maybe add a little length. I dont know why this one is shorter than the other. You get the point right?

But really. I did used to have my hair this way

Or I could chop it .. like really chop it

or try out the whole sarah palin thing

hillary clinton maybe?

The last few are a joke. You can all breathe. But seriously, will you humor me and tell me your opinion on those little polls. Because the appointment is in ONE day and I have no idea what to do.
I will be your best friend for life if you do.

PS - Freeland likes all of them. When my hair is short he says "why dont you grow it out" and when its blonde he says "why dont you do it brown" and so on.. but he really does like it however it is. So thats probably why Im asking all of you.

PPS - since those arent too realistic. Here is a picture of me in real life with brown hair. And I guess there is a whole blog of pictures with me & my blonde hair if you need any of those as a reference :) Thanks. I owe you all lots & lots of favors.


  1. Oh my gosh.......woman I am laughing my ARSE off here......I had the same problem last year in the summer it was soooo hot and so I lived in a hair is very fine but I have a lot of it and it doesn't like kept breaking off back by the "tail" portion. I chopped it all off and went short about 6 months ago. It was good to get all the "damage" out of the long hair and I love my short cut but it is work....the styling, the products ughhhh, it is not for me, so now I am stuck growing it out again and I hate it!!!!!! I had all one length before no bangs etc. Now it is all chopped to H-E- double toothpicks and I will spend the rest of the next 12 months growing it out. DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ooo, I really like your natural brown color! It seems to accentuate your beautiful eyes. :)

  3. I know this isn't going to help, but your hair looks great blonde or brown, short or long. I say stay long while you're young, though. There are so many ways to fix it when it's long.

  4. ok dont life but i like the dream big one. haha. maybe not so blonde but the cut is so cute

  5. we got your christmas card today! thanks! we are jealous of your snow.

    well i think you should go short and brown. easy, low maintenance, your hubby likes anything, change is fun, you would then have to get some fun earrings and scarves or something to go with the new hairdo which is also fun...cut it! but of course i think you are beautiful with long blonde hair already. :)

  6. brown and short with some lighter highlights maybe?

  7. I love your hair color in the Tri Delta pic-looks terrific, and I like it better than blond!

  8. I like the blond brown combo and shoulder length is a good cut. You really look very pretty either color but I agree it is expensive to keep up the blond, even with just highlights also. Change is good, its a new year and a new you in a new city and state. It could be the Erie you ! Good Luck and Happy Holidays

  9. I'm the least stylish person on the planet. Having said that, if I had the nerve I would try the shoulder length option and of course your natural color looks beautiful on you! If you want it to be a process, not as drastic, add highlights for a while then go brown. Am I an expert? NO! Do I think you'll look beautiful no matter what your hair looks like? YES! I wouldn't go short short though. That's too much growing out in your future. Take it from me, when you guys want to have a baby, you will want to be able to PUT YOUR HAIR UP IN A PONYTAIL, even if it's when you're just at home :)

  10. I just think the long blonde look on you is so fresh and glam, I think you could get it thinned out, and cut to the length of the DDD pic so you don't freak when you get in the shower to wash it and you have no more length (hate that feeling!).

    Mine is so long now, too. I throw in a braid to sleep. And it knots when I comb it (boooo!), but my fave look is long and straight, I feel prettier like that..and I think about changing because of the hassle, but I'd rather give into 20-30 minutes of frustrating patience than 10 hours of the day not feeling pretty.

    That's the question: WHAT STYLE and COLOR make you FEEL BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT?

    (that's how Josh helps me decide between outfits sometimes!)

  11. Love your hair brown. It seems to go better with your coloring and your eyes look amazing! You have a very long, narrow face so I think you look good with it a little shorter.

  12. Ok, I totally couldn't picture you with brown hair until that picture at the very end. I love it! I love the color and the length. Go for it!

  13. I like the first and second picture. Change it up girlfriend!! I am all about changing the hair all the time. I like the short brown with a little highlight maybe. Let me know how you decide to do it. good luck!!

  14. AH! Yall are awesome. I left for a doctors appointment & got back to see all this great advice! Thank you so much for humoring me and sharing what you think. I should have also noted that Im not nearly as tan as I used to be with the brown hair. But whats a little self tanner? I really really really appreciate it! Yall are too sweet. I will make sure to let ya know what I end up doing.

  15. I love the brown hair AND the short hair! go for it!! :)

  16. I love the pic with your hair brown-so definitely brown with highlights if you have a "blonde need". I think you should go for the messy mid-length style-altough I loved the drastic short cut with brown. Most of the time if you go too drastic-you will not like it-so take it in stages. I am big into easy as is Camille. The men don't fool with their hair for hours on end-so shy should we?

  17. Go with the brown- I love that composite pic. Some of the haircuts were cute but looked tough to maintain (then again, I am the default messy bun girl)- I vote either the first one or the way blonde one (but with brown.) I just got my hair cut yesterday and got major bangs (not completely intentional) and I love them. If you want to see a pic let me know- I'll email you.

  18. I just had my hair done and I went for a brown color a shade lighter and a shade darker than the natural brown in my hair. The stylist was able to use the highlights I already had in from the last time to maintain a "highlighted" look without using a lot of blonde so that I don't have to do as much color maintenance. So, that's my color recommendation.

    And as for the cut...go shoulder length. You can still throw it in a ponytail and do other fun things with it, but it won't get in the way as much and won't get as knotted.

  19. sis just went through the same situation and she bit the bullet and went to a brunette...and you know what...she loves it! Says it feels more like fall hair color and makes her feel like she can wear new colors to compliment it. I am a brunette and something about darker hair is so sexy and very Catherine Zeta Jones...good luck making the choice on this one!:)

  20. Brooke, I like your hair the way it is in the Tri Delt photo. The color makes your eyes pop. Really pretty.

    I started reading your blog a couple of months ago. It caught my attention because my best friend growing up was named Freeland. Keep writing cuz I really enjoy your blog.

  21. WHOA! you have SO many comments! first of all, you are once again hilarious and i laughed at all of the captions. second, i say GO FOR IT! cut it, and go short. i too am not one that likes the in between length, so if you are going to cut it, then really cut it. third, i think the way dark could be way cute. i love having dark hair and i think it looks good on you! can't wait to see what you do!

  22. You are beautiful no matter what! I just cut my hair and darkened it and I"m still in a bit of "shock" per say, even though its not super dark or super short! I really think the natural color is pretty, but with warm tones around your face. Cant wait to see the end result! AND...this makes me want to play with the website again!

  23. I really like you with dark hair. NOT black! Oh please no. But a darker brown with some reddish tent to it looked really nice. I think you look sophisticated(sp?) with shorter hair too.