Friday, December 5, 2008

I know what I want to do with my life now

(sorry to continue to post videos.. dont worry I have another one to share too! Lucky you!)

I clicked on a link - that took me to another link - and so on - where I saw this video this morning and realized (with tears in my eyes because I thought this was just so precious and as always I got all overwhelmed with the idea of having these kinds of memories to cherish one day for our family. And because I know Freeland would do this with me) that I know what I want to do with my life. Did that sentence make since with all the long side details for you? Sorry.

For a second I thought I wanted to go back to school - film school to be specific. I majored in communications and telecommunications (which was what Baylor called their film & television department when I was there) but I didnt take half of the classes I wish I would have looking back at it now.

And in reality I feel like with the training I had I could put together this video.. especially since once I graduated from Baylor and had to turn my video camera back in - my husband (boyfriend at the time) bought me a video camera so that I could. But that isnt the point. The point is Im just not in an environment that spurs on this type of desire, creativity, or excitement within me like I used to have. And I hadnt really thought much of it for a long time until I saw this video & remembered what is was like being inspired all the time to do the things I loved.

ANNDD to make my explanation even longer, I wanted to tell you that when I wanted to make videos, I didnt want to do movies.. or work in television.. or anything glamorous (although I would have jumped at the chance probably) but I wanted to just make simple, silly, little videos like this for people. And I just wanted to catch all their memories and add some sweet music and twist to it in video form for them to have forever and ever. These are the things that stir me.. and I think the reason I cry so easily during commercials. And its also what makes me want to not have a job and just sit and play all day doing things like this or taking pictures. So when you see the movie dont expect anything Grammy award winning.. Im talking its more home video's that inspire me & lead to all this rambling.

But I quickly realized I dont really want to go back to film school. I realized it would cost money and Im not big on the whole "spending more money" thing. And its not what I want to do with my life. It was just a quick thought for a second. . But what the video reminded me and helped me remember that I do want to do with my life is embrace all the desires that God created within me every single day. I know that He gave me so many (really - SO many) passions for a reason. And its heart breaking that I never do anything with them but just sit back and envy the people who do.

I know that God made me who I am for a very specific reason..
I know that He created me to deeply enjoy the simple things in life for a reason..
I know that He purposely placed every little secret passion in me for a specific reason..
And I know he made the very things that do inspire me for a specific reason..

And so I want to figure out and do those things that inspire me more. That my friends, is what I want to do with my life. Because I feel like in doing them Im worshiping and honoring and loving God .. and Im doing the very thing he intended me to do. I want to look for the things that stir a 1000 emotions in me and somehow leave me feeling fulfilled. I want to figure out a way to capture the moments that I see God working & moving. I want to stop being lazy, afraid of failing - or of things not being perfect and just embrace the messiness and learn more. I want to stop letting the everyday things keep me from seeing life the way that I am supposed to.. And I want to open my eyes to the things God puts in front of me everyday so that I can.

I also desperately wish that this was my Christmas card this year. (and that a pencil skirt would look 1/2 as good on me as it does her)

So here is the video. This is their family just playing around during the long weekend and "reveling" in the holidays. It said this: "In these tough economic times, who can afford to send Christmas cards to family and friends? In lieu of the standard card/photo combo, we decided to send this video to those nearest and dearest to our hearts..... plus the internet. :) We hope you enjoy, and here's wishing you an old fashioned Christmas. "

Wishing You a Merry 'Vintage' Christmas! from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

And after I saw that one... I watched this one and fell in love more.. but then I watched this one and my heart exploded.

Im thankful that something like this simple video can inspire me, make me want to get dressed up, dance, be with Freeland, and help me remember all these things.

Confession: This video also made me really really really want lots & lots of babies one day. Especially when I watched the second one. I wanted a baby right now. I cant believe I just shared that with the interweb.

PS: Im still not done. You want to see another one that just makes me want to just burst I love it so much? Its Tara Whitney's family if you know who she is. Click here


  1. Brooke! That video made me melt a little inside. Thanks for brightening up my cloudy, freezing afternoon!

  2. That video was so cute! I loved it.

    About your confession: I'm happy you confessed it. I think that the reason people read blogs is to get a REAL sense of someone's life and not everyone's life is happy and magical all the time. Sometimes we have thoughts like the one you had or arguements and people want the REAL Brooke and who ever else they are reading, I think confessions like that and reality expressed on blogs will keep readers interested. Keep it up.

  3. His videos really are an inspiration, much like your posts. What an adorable family he has and great editing skills. I like the bed time video. Thanks for sharing! I'm obsessed with finding videos on the web too.

  4. I haven't even looked at the video yet, but I am so excited for what is in store for you! God has gifted you in so many ways and He has..."determined the exact times and places for people to live so that they would reach out and find him, though he is not far from each one of us..."

    If you forget what your good at or passionate about just give me a call and I will remind you! And... If you need another sidekick in some project- I'm always up for an adventure!!! love you!!

  5. wow!! i came home from work today freaking out because i feel like i have no idea what i want to do with my life and keep questioning my job, and then i read your post!! and you were talking about the same thing!! how crazy! you are right that we need to keep working for God, and just have faith that He will take us in the right direction. loved the video! so much editing! so cute!

  6. I totally relate with your confession. Matt and i talk about it all the time and we know that in God's timing we will know when it is right. But get this: I was watching the videos before i read all the way down and while i was watching i said "AHH MAN! MATT this is why we need to have babies right now!!" Then i read your confession! HAHA! See, so you are normal. :)

  7. What a great video! Thanks for finding it and sharing it with us. :)

  8. I love love love the videos! what a cool family! do you have any idea what the mom's blog is?

  9. The videos you posted were precious.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Brooke after reading all of this all I could think about is what an awesome wedding videographer you'd be! You have such a loving spirit and beautiful personality that I think it would fit you perfeclty! :)

  11. oh, great videos, great post!
    PLEASE do something like this, I don't know ANYONE who does that! I starting wishing I was a bajillionaire so I could fund your jump-start for the whole thing, but I'm not. I'm in an adorable apartment in Waco wishing for babies after that, just like you!