Monday, December 29, 2008

I have a love hate relationship with the monday after the holidays

christmas 2008

love that no matter what Christmas is still being celebrated.. and will continue to be celebrated in my household. {and I quote "my house.. my rules" .. just for you Freeland} Our tree wont be going anywhere for a LONG time.

hate that Im no longer on PTO. Although I could still take PTO and my job didnt say I had to work today. I know there is work to be done. And Im thankful there is work - and I have a job - so while Im sad Im sitting at my desk working and not with family still. Praise God I have a desk to work at.

PS - what the tarnations?! We woke up at 4:00 this morning! Who does that when they dont have to. Freeland still has 1 more week off before he starts classes again. So I was expecting him to savor sleeping as long as he possibly could. And even though I had to get up to work - never would I ever get up that early. seriously.

So at 4:00 this morning I heard Free get up. I was immediately wide awake because I was so confused as to what was going on & having flashbacks to his classes starting again. I thought for a second he was studying then realized what day it was and that for the first time I was the one who was supposed to wake up before him.

He said he heard Oliver going up & down the stairs and was making sure he didnt need to go out. {note: you cant really miss Oliver going up or down the stairs. Unless your name is Brooke and you sleep through pretty much everything possible. He isnt very graceful or quiet to say the least}

But it seems Oliver didnt need to go out. Instead, he has learned that he can sneak downstairs in the middle of the night and get a little more comfy on the couch if he wants. {Im sure you have all seen the pictures where Great Danes curl up and take up the entire thing. Sure, its cute.. I know. But little known fact: Great Danes shed. LOTS. so ours arent encouraged on the furniture}

Now, I could have been annoyed, disappointed, frustrated, etc. that I was awake at 4:00 this morning when I was already dreading 7:00 this morning.. but instead all I could do was LAUGH. Like.. laugh out loud laugh.

You see.. this is especially smart of Oliver to do while we are sleeping - since he knows that the second we see hair on the couch Maddie will be the one we look at. Sneaky pup. {and by sneaky .. clearly I mean that he isnt sneaky at all since he woke us up but E for effort} I would also like to point out that when Freeland turned on the light he just sat there wagging his tail at him. Not sorry for it at all. Way to go buddy. Soak it up.

And Im thankful that I had an extra long morning with Freeland before work started again.


  1. That's too funny about your dogs, mine do the same thing and they shed a lot too. We have a basset hound/dachshund mix and instead of running up and down the stairs he just shakes his ears super loud to wake me up!

    By the way I enjoy your blog tons!!!

  2. Um, we didn't let them on the couch here either...just so you know. We would never do that. Ever.

  3. Um, we didn't let them on the couch here either...just so you know. We would never do that. Ever.

  4. Um, we didn't let them on the couch here either...just so you know. We would never do that. Ever.

  5. WHAT IN TARNATIONS???? next you are going to say sufferin' sucotash...........sheesh