Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie

Matt & Katie leaving their wedding
(I took this from her blog.. hope thats okay Katie!)

Today is Katie's Birthday! Matt, Freelands old roomie from Waco, is married to Katie. So Freeland has known Katie for quite a few years now since Matt & Katie dated all through college. And I met Katie when I was a freshman through Tri Delt at Baylor. So when Freeland & I started dating it was a lot fun of because we all hung out together. And we especially loved having them there after we graduated since they also stayed in Waco.

Katie is such an incredibly sweet person. Really, I dont think she could hurt a fly if she tried to. She is also incredibly creative and talented! I feel like she always had the cutest ideas and little projects she was working on at her house or at her job. And I heard she also just completed her first triathlon not too long ago - so add that to the list of awesomeness. We miss you Katie! We wish we were there to celebrate with both of you and go out to Baris (or anywhere else your little heart desired) Thanks for always being such a thoughtful and caring friend! Brooke & Freeland

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