Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday David


Well this is David Blankenship, the one the only. David is by textbook definition one of the world's absolute best friend's to Freeland at all times. They met Freeland's freshman year at Baylor through Young Life. David from then on has always been there for Freeland. I remember before I met David myself (because he went on to seminary in Colorado after Baylor) Freeland always telling me he felt like David will always be a life long friend and a huge blessing to him. He said that God always seems to use David to teach him and to help him grow. And Im so thankful David has always been there.

I will never forget the first time I met David when he was driving through Waco on his way home to Houston from Colorado. He loved hanging out with the 2 of us together so much that he ended up spending almost 2 weeks with us! It was so much fun! (sadly, it was because his car broke down on the way to Houston.. but we loved having him with us for so long) but I love every chance we get to see David. (like when we went to Colorado to see him) It always refreshing and I feel like we all end up laughing a lot the whole time. It makes me wish that we lived closer to him. Especially today - so we could go out with him and celebrate his life with him.

Happy Birthday David. Thanks for being such a faithful friend to Freeland & I. We miss you. (and we will see you soon!!!!!)

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  1. Clearly I should take lessons from David on How to Choose a Good Spot to Break Down. On one particularly memorable family vacation years ago, our car broke down in Utah. Utah!