Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy


Today is Amy {Anderson} Sontag's birthday. Or "Amy, Amy" as my dad always called her! :) She is the big 2-6. I will never forget.. 10 years ago to the day when we were at her house and her mom & dad asked us {well, her .. but I was there so it was "us"} to go grab something out of the garage. And what do you know - there was a brand new car sitting in there for her! It was the best day of our life. Yes, OUR life. Because we were inseparable - so her getting a car - also meant I was getting a car! And Im pretty sure we drove around the entire day with the windows down while it was 30 degrees outside because we were THAT COOL.

But I have some of my most favorite memories with Amy. {like making up dances to Shania Twain, dressing up and taking "modeling" pictures, sneaking out and putting cheese on someones car down the street and then thinking we were going to get arrested the next day.. oh the list could go on!} Amy has always been my most favorite person. I always seemed to just be SO excited when I saw her & her family. I guess I have just always felt myself around her. And its for that reason that she has been there pretty much my entire life! Elementary School.. all my birthday parties.. my first double date.. my first horrible break up {where she sat in my living room for hours & let me cry}.. our first car.. graduation.. college.. and then her wedding.. and then our wedding! I love that.

Happy Birthday Amy! I love you friend & wish I was there to celebrate with you!

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  1. Hey! This lady has my last name! Spelled a little different ... I haven't met (seen?) anyone with that name except those who I am related to via the hub!

    We are getting snow here ... not nearly what you all probably have, but I am hoping for a day off tomorrow!