Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Future Mr. & Mrs. Baker

My bestie Meagan & Bryan are in ENGAGED!!!!


I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to post this!

He proposed on Thanksgiving.. on the beach in Florida.. with her entire family there to celebrate after. (way to go Bryan!) And if you dont know Meagan, you should know - her family is HUGE! And they also love celebrations & weddings (they are the life of the party at every wedding .. click here, here, or here to see!) So I imagine it was a pretty great celebration!

Im so happy for both of them! I will save all my mushy comments for now because I dont want to start crying.. and I would rather write them to Meagan & Bryan.. and not the internet! But I will say this:

Meagan caught the bouquet at my wedding ... So ... your welcome!

Just Kidding! Although I do love that she caught it and she is now getting married!

I am incredibly sad that Im not in Dallas at this very moment - to hug both of them in person and jump up & down and tell them congratulations and bombard them with questions and share all my advice (just kidding unless you want it) and stare at the gorgeous rock on her finger! But in 15 days we will be in Dallas so just get ready!

Meagan Baker! Has a great ring to it doesnt it?


  1. I can't believe you'll be in Dallas in 15 days!! Christmas is coming so soooooon!

  2. Thank you Brooke! I love this sweet note! The family comments are great too! You should've heard Steph and Emi last night telling me all about MY wedding plans. It was cute.

  3. Yay Meagan! I absolutely love the picture! :)