Thursday, December 4, 2008

For Amy Yablonski:

This probably wont make sense to anybody else but Amy, so this is for her!

See it, Love it, Share it, Blog it.. what?!

I found this on my desk yesterday morning from Freeland after he left for school and I started working:


Its an REI magazine that says:

"B, See if you want anything in here. (thanks husband! I will happily see if I want anything in there!) And also take note of the top pages. They made this catalog for you & Amy Yablonski!"

Then circled is: "Celebrate It"
And here is a preview of what was inside:

New Picture

Give It , Enjoy It , Connect It

.. and then it went on to say the following throughout the rest of the magazine:

Bring It, Respect It, Ride It, Push It, See It, Protect It ..
Find It, Charge It, Voice It, Learn It, Inspire It ..

Note: Freeland went through and found each one of those & also circled them for me to see. So I just wanted to share it with you. Since it was basically as if REI sat in on one of our insane conversations! Love you Friend!!

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  1. Ahhh!!! Hahaha!! love it! Oh my word, who knew REI lived with us in college? How else would they know us so well?

    Ow, I'm laughing so hard my abs hurt... i went to a pilates class it!

    I love you guys!Love it!