Friday, December 12, 2008

Erie Bayhawks Game

Last night we had the chance to go to the opening game for the Erie Bayhawks. {a new expansion team in the NBA Development League} Ironically one of my dad's friends from his running group who lives & works in Dallas is one of the investors for the team.. and Lecom also happens to be an investor. {if you hadnt noticed} So when my dad's friend put 2 & 2 together he remembered that Freeland was at Lecom and invited us to go to the game with him & his wife. We thought it was incredibly nice of him to think about us and let us join them.

Erie Bayhawks

I really didnt know what to expect. We went to one of the baseball games during the summer - that was a lot of fun! And Ive heard a lot about the hockey games here too but havent gone to see what the "crowd" is like. So we went without any expectations.

And Im happy to report the game was a lot of fun! And the team did great! They have been on the road {which apparently is very common when you are in this league} and were 3-2. They played Iowa - which was one of the only 2 teams in the entire league that was undefeated. So it was a big game to have for their first home game. No pressure or anything!

Erie Bayhawks

At first we were a little nervous {if Im being honest} and I even heard one of the guys behind me say {as a joke} "anyone looking to buy a basketball team?" But that was only the first minute of the game.. after a few technical difficulties. After that they did awesome! And they ended up winning 103-93! It was awesome.

Im sure Freeland & I will go back to another game in the future. I love that Erie has all these teams here! Even though it isnt a mavericks game - its nice to just get out of the house and do something different..

Although I would LOVE to go to Cleveland when they play Dallas! Any takers?