Monday, December 15, 2008

christmas gifts - check


Finally all the gifts are done! We got most of them done the day after Thanksgiving but there were just a few more people that ummm well are harder to buy gifts for so theirs took longer. And it was driving me nuts thinking about what to get them.. and then thinking about actually getting out to get the gifts! But thankfully I will not have to get out and shop one more time until after Christmas now. Although it is pretty stinkin cute watching everyone searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

I spent all weekend getting everything ready and wrapped. We shipped a few gifts already because we aren't sure they will all fit on the plane with us. The rest are tucked under our tree for the time being.

Freeland is busy busy studying & drinking lots of coffee for his finals this week. FINALS. Meaning this semester, his first semester in med school, is almost FINALLY over! He has a final each day and then is done on Thursday! He studied all weekend (with a little break on Friday for us to go to a Christmas party, pictures coming soon) and now he has his first one done with & is home studying for the others.

Then once he is done - were off to celebrate Christmas! Its strange thinking about traveling over Christmas. This really has started to feel like home to us and its a little sad to have it all decorated and ready for Christmas - and then not spend Christmas here. (but Im thankful that I feel that way about our new home up north) And Im excited to see family and friends in Texas. Especially those I haven't seen for 7 months! I cant believe its been that long.

PS - I finally finished Harry Potter 5 last night. phew. it goes without saying.. although I am going to say it.. Im very proud of myself for finishing it! And Im SO excited to start the next one while we will be in & out of airports! Perfect timing!

PPS - Its colder in Texas right now than in Erie! What the heck? Stay warm people.


  1. I thought about y'all this morning--I wondered if we had you beat on cold temperatures! Yuck finals...for me, grad school was easier than college but I know that's not the case for Freeland...tell him good luck!! We do so hope to see y'all when you're in Frisco!

  2. darn! NO MORE OF THIS CHRISTMAS PRESENT TALK! I have NO idea what to get Matt and i am toiling over it! AH! I think way to much and too hard about stuff like this. But yay for you! ;)

  3. Your Christmas gifts look so beautiful! I love the huge bows on them. I wish I knew how to do that!

  4. HEY-I NEED HELP SHOPPING. Come on by LA on your way home and give me a hand! Received your sweet card today. What a good looking couple and WOW all of that snow!

  5. Your presents are gorgeous...almost too pretty to unwrap!

    How do you make those big bows? Do tell!

  6. The bows are SUPER easy! Dont let the picture fool you! :) Here is a link to some directions online.

    I will say that I end up doing all of them different and then just play with them until they look like a bow. And it definitely works best if you have ribbon that has wire in it. It will still work if you dont.. the loops just dont stay in place as easy - but last year I took hairspray and sprayed in on the bows that didnt have wire in the ribbon - and that made them stay. Just a little hint in case. Hope that helps! Feel free to email me if that doesnt work.

  7. Ooooh let's talk about Harry soon! Wasn't it so good? Just WAIT for number 6!!!