Saturday, November 15, 2008

where to each lunch?

we searched .. and searched .. and searched... for a place to eat lunch today.

Like a good place. That sells yummy sandwiches, soup, salads, etc.

But NOT panera.

I love Panera.. but its where we always go.

We found one place today that sounded good but it didnt have chairs to sit at. Sooo how do you stay and eat when you have nowhere to sit?

So can anybody please tell me where else to go in Erie to each lunch? We're open to trying anything.


  1. For great soups salads and sammies I loooooove 10the street Cafe @ West 10th and Weschler. You could walk around Frontier Park afterwards :)

    Also downtown try Pie in the Sky or Pufferbelly


  2. definitely try pie in the sky...its my favorite. their soups are different every day and sound super crazy but are so so good.

  3. Get down to 8th and Peninsula and head in toward Erie on West 8th Street.

    Make sure you pass Perkins (bad) and you will see the Colony Plaza on your left.
    Pull in and park somewhere.

    There is a SureFine Grocery store in there too.

    The place to eat is a deli operated by Urbaniak Brothers --- I wish I could recall the name of the place --- but it is right there, and everyone around can point you to the door of great lunch.

    It is a sit down deli as in New York City.
    The food is excellent (Urbaniak's is an Erie House of Meats specialty, as is a Smith Hot Dog).

    I did not know they had a deli until recently when I dined there with great company.

    The food was great.
    The conversation better.
    Accordingly, I remember her name, but not the restaurant.

    I would go back....
    for both.

  4. I love love LOVE the French Street Cafe - it's tucked away next to Pufferbelly's down between 3rd and 4th. I'm not sure they're open on the weekends though, you'd have to check. I've got pictures of it sprinkled throughout my Flickr site.

  5. I agree in Erie, it can be hard to find. I like all of the previous suggestions. One place that isn't fancy but has delicious Erie type food is McGarry's on W38th.

  6. Under the Clock Bar and Grill, 100 Boston Store Place, (Corner of State and West 8th Street); Sportsmans Club, 2727 West 8th St; Sunset Cafe, Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC), 301 Peninsula Dr; George's Restaurant, 2614 Glenwood Park Ave, Bertrand’s Bistro, 18 North Park Row; Rum Runners Cove, 2 State St; Bayfront Grille, Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel, 55 West Bay Drive; Twelve O’ One Restaurant, 1201 State St; Calamari’s Squid Row, 1317 State St; Joe Root’s Grill; West 8th Street and Peninsula Drive; Gerry and Andy’s Deli, Colony Plaza; Mi Scuzi, West 27th and Myrtle Streets; Colony Pub and Grille, 2670 W. Eighth St, Theodore’s Restaurant, 9690 West Lake Road, Peppino’s, West Lake and Dutch Roads, Pufferbelly, 414 French St; Marketplace Grill, 319 State St; Plymouth Tavern, 1109 State St; Freeport Restaurant, Routes 5 and 89, North East; Beechwood Restaurant, 6401 Gorski Road, Fairview.

  7. One word: Taki's.

    12th and Penninsula. You won't regret it!

  8. Steel City is my absolute favorite sub/sandwich place in Erie. It's not fancy and probably doesn't have the healthiest food in town... but it REALLY hits the spot when you have a craving for a good sub (they have a huge selection), pizza, calzone, wings, "pittsburgh-style" sandwich (with fries on it), or just about anything fried. And it's close to LECOM too! Mmmm... this is making me so hungry just thinking about it.

    You can see their menu here:

  9. You are all so wonderful! I knew that you would all be so helpful.. and I was hoping we would get at least 1 recommendation .. and then you all jumped in and we got TONS!

    Thank you for all the suggestions - Im so thankful we dont have to search & search anymore! And now it looks like we have lunch plans for the next month!! I cant wait to try them all! Thanks again!

  10. You need some East Side restaurant suggestions:

    Caper's (2743 E 38th Street) has a really modern decor. I recommend their Turkey Pesto Sandwich.

    Ricardo's (2112 East Lake Road) is a family-run Italian restaurant with an awesome (and affordable) filet mignon salad.