Tuesday, November 11, 2008

veterans day

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Thank you to my adorable pop, my grandpa, derek (tiffany's husband) .. josiah (amber's husband).. Andy (anne's husband).. Peter Burks.. all of our other friends and everyone else who has sacrificed and served.

I feel very honored to have people in my family who are in the military & to know that they have experienced so much. Especially My Pop (my mom's dad). He is the one who gave me such a great respect and understanding of the military (specifically the Air Force). I really am proud of all he has done and all the years he has served. I wish I had a picture of him in his uniform to share with you because he really is incredibly hansome in it.

I truly am grateful.

My other grandfather (my dad's dad - Claude Chisum) passed away 2 weeks ago (on October 29th). I decided not to post about it because I couldnt seem to come up with the right words, thoughts, or anything to write. In reality I didnt know him as well as I wish I could have. And his last few years were very hard for him and our family. I wasnt able to make it to his funeral. But he is one of my family members who served in the Air Force. My dad said it was very moving to see how they respected and honored his years in the military. They gave the flag to my dad after the funeral.. which is something we will always have & cherish now.

All this to say, I am thankful for my family and friends that consider it an honor to serve in the armed forces and protect us in so many ways...thank you all so much.


  1. will you ask anne if i can read her blog? thanks! haha

  2. My hubby was a Russian Linguist for the Military Intelligence for 6years.

    Love what the military does for our country!

  3. oh i loved your post. i feel the same about my Papa as you do your Pop. xoxo