Wednesday, November 26, 2008


You may remember that a few of us girls also have a blog called Med School Tagalongs.

Its a blog that we all randomly post on since all of our spouses are in Medical School. We just write about whats going on, our experiences, and our thoughts. And its been pretty fun because other people have stumbled upon it and also added their thoughts, stories, comments, etc.

And thats what I hope will continue to happen - other people that have a spouse in med school will come across it and be encouraged or find someone to relate to or even want to join our little blog and also share their experiences.

So.. question:

What are your thoughts on the name of this blog? Do you like the title "Med School Tagalongs"? Or can you think of another name? We have all gone back and forth but really have no other ideas. And we figured who better than all of you! Yall are all creative.. and funny.. and helpful.. What should the name of this blog be? Please share! (and feel free to leave your comment anonymously if you dont want me to know who you are)

Hopefully after this we can spice it up a bit and make it look better too! Stay tuned. Thanks for your help!!!

Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here: Oh what a week! --> when we put our tree up and Z & V stayed with us for the week.. it was SO fun and my favorite week ever!


  1. Medi-School Groupies

    hey brooke! i saw a girl that looked just like you and wished you were in waco! your backyard is gorgeous though, don't give that up! love, robin

  2. The Mrs.'s of Med School

    I'll keep thinking. I love this kind of thing!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Oh I am going to be thinking.. it has to have a great slogan too. I will keep you posted.

  4. Hi! I randomly came across your blog (through Facebook ..maybe) and LOVE it. I went to Baylor and after looking at your pics I feel like one of my roomies from Baylor may have been an SI leader for your hubby at some point (she was a sub-I for Dr Eldridge).

    My husband is no longer in med school (rather Residency) - but I've become an avid blogger over the last month and may have some fun entries/ advice to share..

    I like the Mrs.'s of Med School.

  5. I really like the Mrs.'s of Med School. I think that is really flashy and cute.I really don't like the "tagalongs" wording.

  6. Caught your blog in a random way. Here are a few ideas:
    -confessions of a doctors wife
    -the other half
    -we're doing what for four years?
    -someday soon, but in the meantime
    -supporting the student
    -Dr. Wife
    -the real life of a doctors wife
    -oh p.s. i want to be a doctor

    Like I said these are random, but hope it helps