Monday, November 17, 2008

rediculous messy-ness


This is what our house & our weekend looked like. Well.. Freeland's weekend also included studying. But jeez.. somebody needs to get rid of some clothes huh? (note: they are all mine in the picture. Freeland's only took about 5 minutes to finish)

We switched out all of our summer & winter clothes, cleaned out the garage so we could finally fit a car in there, organized the basement, and pretty much got as ready for winter as we could. And it was perfect timing because there was a HUGE snow storm last night.

And dont worry, half of those clothes are from high school and dont even fit anymore. They are all being donated. I promise I dont own that much junk.

Anywho.. Sam especially enjoyed us pulling out all the boxes and throwing stuff all over the place. Our entire house became a HUGE play ground for her. Here is one example:

Exploring the basket.. even though it doesnt even have anything in it.
That didnt matter to her though..

She was going for that little piece of nothing sticking out.. right over there

got it... after an incredibly hilarious 10 minutes of climbing, reaching, sneaking, and pouncing.. at absolutely nothing.

this is when she saw me taking pictures of her and acting like nothing was going on .. goober.

Dont worry.. this went on all weekend.

See, right after she was bored with the basket - she moved over here:


I am happy to report that the garage is successfully cleaned out though. A car does actually fit in it. All of our winter clothes are unpacked & out now. The clothes we dont wear anymore are ready to be donated. And most importantly - the Christmas decorations are all sitting in the basement.. perfectly organized just waiting to be unpacked!
Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here: Sike!


  1. You go Brooke! And way to keep it real with posting pics of your piles of clothes. I don't think I have the guts to post a picture of my messy house. You go girl!

  2. How'd you like that thunder and lightning with the snow last night? That's just a TASTE of real lake effect snow. Just you wait, you'll get your blizzard soon! :)

  3. It looks like you had a busy weekend...I need to pack up the summer clothes...maybe next weekend?

    Anyway, stop by my blog for a little surprise!

  4. I was going to say that last night wasn't a huge storm by any means, LOL, but I see that Ron beat me to it. You'll know when we get hit hard (we couldn't leave the house for three days when one hit the beginning of this year).

  5. ha! Thats true - I guess it really wasnt that "huge" of a snow storm! I cant imagine not leaving the house for 3 days!! Hopefully we wont have to see what thats like either! Yikes