Friday, November 21, 2008

puppy chow and of course.. more snow.

I made this the other night:

puppy chow

Puppy Chow

It made me think of you girls at home (Crystal, Rachie, and Meagan)

We finished off the entire bowl. But I think I will be making more because it only feels appropriate with all the snow right now. At least, thats the excuse Im giving myself.

Im happy to report that all is well here in the Ackley household.

We made it through lots of snow last night. (is this a normal amount of snow or was that a lot last night?) Freeland ended up driving me to my girls group so I didnt have to miss it. I made him Clam Chowder to say thank you. Actually, I made it before that.. but I made him a big bowl of it to take with him while he studied and waited for me to finish hanging out with friends.

He also made it safely to school this morning. Praise Jesus for 4-wheel drive. And for snow plows. Those things are brilliant. I wanted to stop and applaud them as we were driving home last night. They are my local hero's right now. And they have done a great job cleaning up around our house so far. Actually I feel like they dont leave our little complex.. it seems like they just keep circling and cleaning it over and over again. It makes me wonder. But - hey they can stay as long as they want and clean the roads. I will even make them hot coco if they decide to stay the entire day.

I will try to take some pictures so you can see how high the snow is here. I just havent had the time to put on 20 layers and get out there to do it yet. I must say - there isnt anything more beautiful than fresh snow all over the place.

Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here: In Loving Memory


  1. Baby Jennings wants to know if Aunt Brookie will make him some puppy chow. Thanks!

  2. Puppy Chow sounds yummy! I might need to make a batch of this to munch on over the weekend.

    Glad to hear that your city does a good job of keeping up with the city tries, but they are not very good at staying on top of it all...I know it must be a never-ending job!

  3. Camille actually called to tell me about all the snow-SO it must be a LOT!

  4. Aww. It sounds like you really do like Erie and the snow and that makes me happy bc/ I love it there also. And since you won't live there forever I say enjoy it now. Just wait b/c Spring will feel SO wonderful in a few months....

  5. I just made some of that last weekend and took it in to work. Everyone loved it, but they weren't really too keen on the name. My family has always called it that, so it was nice to see that you called it puppy chow too.

  6. YUM - I love puppy chow! :)

    (By the way, I'm just a random stranger who has been enjoying your blog since I stumbled across it a few days ago...)

  7. I like your blog! I came across it through Paige's. What kind of camera do you have? Fantastic pictures as well. Good to see you're doing well.

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