Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lesson Learned .. {warning this post may include potty talk}

Although it may seem like a good idea..

When your porch is covered with LOTS of snow like this to open the door and let your dogs out on it.. just so you can see if they love the snow as much as they do when you normally take them out.

You know why?

When you take them outside to run around in the snow - they also turn it yellow. And by yellow I mean they go tinkle in it.

And when there is snow all over the porch - well they no longer realize its a porch. To them its just the fun cold yummy stuff that makes their bottoms kind of cold when they use the restroom.


Oh and when you have dogs that weigh 310 lbs combined - well friends, lets just say thats a LOT of yellow snow.

And the other problem is that they also have no idea that there is a truck parked directly under it.

And that yes - snow melts. Therefore, they are pretty much peeing on the truck.

Oops - lesson learned. Oh and it was Freeland that learned this lesson. Not me.

But it was pretty funny watching them on the porch before the accident happened.

PS - You're welcome for not including pictures with this post! We are just thoughtful like that.

Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here: The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care..

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  1. Love it ...you dont need pictures thats quite a visual!Have a Happy Thanksgiving!