Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas ..

which means I want to do absolutely nothing but enjoy myself.. and by enjoy myself I mean watch movies, eat, decorate, eat some more, watch another christmas special, take a nap, light more candles, do nothing and eat more homemade goodies. This may be hard during the week when I have to work.

I still havent uploaded our pictures from Thanksgiving and this week. I started to but the battery on the camera died before I could finish.. And to be honest with you people - Im just enjoying my day too much to sit down and go through all of them. So I let the battery die.

In the mean time, we are very much enjoying our Saturday. {see definition of enjoy above}

This is the first Saturday I can remember since Freeland started school that he hasnt had to study or read something. Its been nice to say the least.

Tonights a big night: We plan to watch Christmas Movies, Finish Decorating the Tree, Order Chinese Food, open some Wine, dance to Christmas Music, play with the dogs, and enjoy our night as much as possible.

Note: We had to rearrange our entire house to fit our Christmas tree the other day. Oh and its not a big tree.

I promise eventually I will post those pictures.

Another side note: I cant believe there is only 1 more day of NaBloPoMo left. phew.

Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here: Iphone

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