Sunday, November 16, 2008

I would like to thank my husband, all of our animals, my 1 reader, and of course the academy..

Oh and how could I forget.. I would also like to thank Al Gore - for inventing the internet.. if it werent for him. This blog wouldnt be possible. (i kid)

Fabulous K was incredibly sweet and gave me a blog award last week on her blog. It was uber-nice of her to think of this little ol blog and what she wrote was very sweet. She has a super fun blog and designs some adorable blogs .. so if you havent checked her blog - you should!

The award is the "Uber Amazing Blog Award". Its given to blogs who: inspire you, make you laugh & smile, give amazing information, are a great read and/or have amazing design.

So, the "rules" of the award are that you put the logo on your blog and/or post, nominate a minimum of 5 blogs, let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog, share some "link love" and link the post back to the person's blog that nominated you.

Simple right? Well, I have to be honest .. I am so grateful that someone like Fabulous K enjoys our blog.. and that I have gotten to know her through our blogs.. and that she was so sweet and said such sweet things... but if Im being honest.. there was this little part of me that felt silly because this is just our bl
og about nothing (so that I can make my blog book) Its not something to write home about or post awards about. I mean - her blog is actually about something and it really is fabulous.. and does deserve awards!

Are you with me? See why I felt silly? (Its okay if youre not. I ramble and dont make sense a lot. but in my head it makes sense so just go with me on this one)

Then I realized that even if I felt silly.. it didnt matter. Its just a blog.. and its not like Im going on stage to accept the award or anything .. or like I spent all afternoon writing a speech.. (I mean I have it memorized.. so I didnt have to write it. sike.) Kelly was just sharing the love.. and being thoughtful. So there was nothing to feel silly about.. I was excited.

BUT THEN I realized I had to pick 5 other blogs.. YIKES! How do you pick JUST 5?? So.. that postponed me following the rules of the award too. Until I went back and re-read those little rules and realized it said a "minimum of 5 blogs" SOOOOO Im taking that literally and assuming I can pick as many as I want.

SO guess what - I pick all of you over there on the right --->

Yep, you.. and you.. and you.. and dont think I forgot about you... I pick your blog too!

You all have
Uber Amazing Blogs and deserve this award. (oh and dont think I forgot about you guys that arent over there... I just havent updated that list recently. I also pick Everything In between, Yay!, Gershwin Drive, Karah, Love the Garcia's, The Powell's, Debbie, and Watson world .. thats just to name a few.. I know there are so many more of you)

what??? You think Im just taking the easy way out by not picking 5 and saying 'those on the right'? Thats not true?! My heart is just THAT big that I pick all of you. My love isnt limited to 5. There is enough of it to go around. Honest. Now.. go get your acceptance speeches ready!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here: Oh Christmas Tree


  1. Your are too sweet to include me. By the way have I told you lately that I love your blog. You are halirious and I think we could be great friends if we lived in the same town. Im glad we are bloggy friends though. Take care and have a good week.

  2. aww!! yay! I feel so honored!! You already know how much I love your blog! Hope you got my church message!! Which one do you guys go to?

  3. I can not believe that you listed my blog!! It was very sweet and I'm sure I don't deserve a mention. Not sure I'm cut out for blogging. My life is pretty dern boring right now!

    You DO deserve every blogging award in the world. I love reading about your adventures. Your pictures are gorgeous. I think you have the best blog I've ever seen.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  4. Thank you for the award! I finally posted about it on my blog. Hope you're surviving all the snow!