Sunday, November 2, 2008


So this weekend was Baylor's Homecoming. Obviously we couldnt make it.. which was sad because it was my first time to not be there since I started going to Baylor. Last year was so fun. So we decided since we couldnt make it to Baylor's homecoming we would still try to celebrate.

You should know that Baylor's Homecoming Parade is the nation's oldest and largest collegiate Homecoming Parade. Who knew? But next to the bonfire and pigskin.. the parade is my favorite part. And it really is ridiculously large & wonderful.

So in honor of our homecoming.. we went to Gannon's homecoming here.

me sneaking in my baylor shirt

Strange. Yes. Probably. But it was still kinda fun.

We just ignored that we didnt know anyone, the floats were a little different from what we are used to, people didnt have their dogs dressed up, and there werent babies everywhere.. and pretended it was Baylor's ..

It really was fun. Im sure people wondered why we had on green & gold though.

Freeland & the Baylor Bear

Here are some pictures from Gannon's Parade. It was a jungle theme:

oh and of course - we couldnt leave without doing a Sic Em Bears.

I cant wait to see everyone's pictures that did go to BU's Homecoming this year. Im sure it was a blast. Thanks Gannon for letting us barge in on your parade so we could still celebrate.
Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here