Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Election Day Eve

I really didnt want to talk politics. Its not really the tone Im going for on this here blog.. but I cant help it


Dont get me wrong - I love this years election and all the things that have gone along with it. Its been intense & crazy.

But jeeeezzzzz.. our phone rings at least 5 times a day with a certain unnamed person's campaign peeps calling to make sure we go vote. They start at 8:00am and dont stop until after 9:00pm. And not only are they calling... now they are coming to our house! Even at 8:00 on Saturday night they were knocking on our door!

I never experienced anything like this in Texas. Maybe because I was just in a college town? Im not sure. But up here in PA - its crazy. Is it normal to have them calling you this much? For a moment it was kind of fun.. but now it will be nice once its all over.

Literally while I was typing this I got a phone call from Bill Clinton asking me to vote for our local democratic representative. Which would be awesome if it were actually him. Id have lots of questions and I feel it would have been a fabulous conversation. But it was just a recording. So I hung up.

Oh and good news is we both know who we are voting now!! And after about 2 years - we finally agree on a candidate! Were going to the poles at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

So in honor of the big day tomorrow I will leave you with 2 of my favorite videos.

If anything Amy Poehler deserves some major props for being able to pull this off after being practically 9 months pregnant!

and this one cracks me up because its SOO true! When I watch the news - this is exactly what I feel like they are doing! Forward it to about 1:30 (or watch the whole thing if you want)

In other news.. the rest of the weekend was great. We were supposed to go to the Circus but completely forgot with all the other things we were doing. I was a little sad because I LOVE the Circus.. but it comes every year so next time.

We also went to the comedy club on Saturday. It was fun - except for the fact that the guy picked on us the entire time and I thought he was joking - until after the show I went and said something to him to be nice.. and he told me he wasnt joking & gave me a lecture. WHAT?

Lesson learned - during a comedy routine dont lean over and tell someone that was a funny joke.. the person with the mic in their hand doesnt like the distraction.. and he will let you know the rest of the time.

Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here


  1. Oh, trust me when I tell you - they do it in Texas, too!! I haven't had anyone knock on the door though. I think when they drive through our neighborhood and see the signs - they drive away. :)

  2. My wife and I had our rehearsal dinner at Jr's about 2 years ago. My parents know the owners, so apparently *someone* put my wife and I right next to the stage, and *someone* told the comedians who we were and why we were there. Oh man, we got picked on ALL NIGHT! It was all in good fun though.

    Don't let a bad apple spoil it for you, Jr's is a great place, and they keep the jokes pretty clean too to not offend a lot of people.

    Oh, and we're going to go vote tomorrow and my oldest daughter is going to come with me to the voting booth :)

  3. Who are you all voting for? :)

  4. Thanks Ron! We will for sure go back and try it again. How fun to have your rehearsal dinner there!

    Oh .. and who are we voting for?? Hmm.. I think Freeland might die if I posted that. And Im not sure Im ready for everyone's commentary either! Who are yoooouuuu voting for anonymous?

  5. I almost forgot...any doctor who would vote for Obama needs his head examined. The Obamunist will destroy health care and you won't be able to join the country club, drive fancy cars, live high on the hog, and earn the money you deserve for all of the schooling and sacrifice. Obama no like rich people.