Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalia


Today is Nati's Birthday!!!! Look how beautiful she is! Right? Natalia and I met in High School. Somehow I decided I wanted to sign up for yearbook. I cant exactly remember why but what I do remember is at our first meeting hitting it off with Natalia. Everyone else wanted to change the cover of the yearbook (which you DONT do to a Plano Senior High Yearbook) and make it blah with this rainbow thing on it. We were the only 2 that spoke up and said "does nobody else realize this is High School and people are going to clearly laugh at a rainbow on the cover".. and we were friends ever since. (oh and people totally laughed at the rainbow on the cover. we were right!)

Natalia is an incredibly gifted person. She can pretty much do anything and everything you can think of! Really. Like draw, paint, design, write, decorate, take pictures, and she has so much style!! Oh and she also has this gift of pretty much always being in the right place at the right time too. (like at every concert she just happens to meet the people playing or she just happens to get the best seats for the game or show she is going too.. etc.)

Thank you for always being such a faithful friend Natalia! I think you have the biggest heart and have always done such an amazing job of loving everyone around you. Im so thankful we became friends because I really feel blessed from knowing you. I love that you are someone I can sit and have the most educated conversation with (because you're so darn wise and open minded) but we can also go out and goof off and I can just be myself with you. I love that we can just pick up wherever we left off anytime. And I know that when i talk to you that you will have great advice and are always willing to listen. I really miss getting to see you all the time and I hope one day that will change. (plllleeeeeaaaasssseee move close to me :)

Happy Birthday Nati! I love you and miss you!! - B

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  1. You were so right about the rainbow yearbook, too bad they didn't listen.