Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Brittany


Happy Birthday Brittany!! Today is a special day.. its both my brother & Brittany's birthday! Growing up it was always fun for me that they shared the same birthday. Brittany and I met when we were weeee little ones. She lived 3 houses down from me on Eden Valley and we have been friends since. She is one of the first friends I ever remember having.

I will never forget running around as kids, playing outside ALL of the time, playing dress up with your moms clothes, jumping on your trampoline in the backyard, making up dances together, going to your grandparents ranch, going to camp grady spruce together every summer, teaching you how to sneak your mom's car out of the driveway (oops!) .. and all of our birthdays, first days of school, first fights, first boyfriends, first break-ups.. oh the list could go on. There is a lot of history there!

Thanks for being such a great friend. I know we dont see each other as much anymore since you live on one side of the country.. and I live on the other! But I will always consider you one of my best friends. I miss you and your girls a ton and I hope you had an amazing birthday. I love you Brittany! Brooke

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