Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Internet, its just one of those days

*pictures are from our engagement photos done by the amazing Nam of BTO Photography

Work was busy (which I will not be complaining about especially right now) but I felt like I was on a roller coaster all day long.

Freeland came home and also had one of those days.. so were were really fun when you put us together.

I started dinner. Then worked more and forgot I started dinner. So I burned dinner.

Then we left to go to our small group and what do you know.. the car wont start.

Which isnt a huge deal except that Freeland's truck also wouldnt start. We had 2 dead cars. How do you fix a car when you have no way to get anywhere to fix it? All our neighbors were gone too.


Which.. put us in a predicament. And normally I wouldnt care except that its feel like we never had 1 thing wrong with our car until we moved up here. First the tire blew up and we ended up having to buy all brand new tires, then we discovered the heater doesnt work so that needs to be fixed, then Freeland's ignition coil went out on his truck & he also had to get the spark plugs replaced, then the battery died, and then my battery died... and we had to buy 2 new batteries. (there are a couple other things that added to the frustration but I feel like I made the point)

Thankfully Adam & Cam came and saved the day and jumped the truck so Freeland could drive to get new batteries. (Thank you guys for coming over & helping us!!)

BUT - of course.. then Freeland got there and realized he didnt have the clicker for his truck to stop the alarm from going off once the new battery was in - meaning he also couldnt drive it back... meaning..

He then had to WALK HOME from the store in 51 degree weather at 9:00 at night with a battery in his hand that had to weight at least 50 pounds. (All I know is I could barely lift it). Poor guy! It was a LONG walk and I felt so awful that I was stranded at home and couldnt do anything for him.


He finally made it home and we replaced my battery.. then drove my car back up there.. with the clicker this time. (we also may or may not have stopped at the store to get wine too) Then got it all fixed and finally made it home. Phew. Lets hope this is the last of our car troubles.

The end. Thanks for listening Internet. I appreciate it.

Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here


  1. Now that was a challenging day!
    But you both perservered. well done.
    tomorrow will be better.

  2. Ah, the things you do for love. I remember fixing my wife's car in barely freezing weather in the rain - not cold enough to snow, so you get soaked to the bone.

    Last year she went to get her car inspected and broke down crying when they told her it would be $1100+ to get it up to inspection standards. This of course was grossly inflated parts prices, but she felt pretty low. So my dad and I worked on her car in my parent's driveway from 9am-2am that day, with multiple trips to the parts store. Our saving grace was that there was a streetlight right near the driveway.

    I hate cars when they break, but I sure love it when I can fix stuff for my wife! :)

  3. Way to go you two! I hope today brightens up for you.

    Remember the time when I left banana bread in the oven and then left for girls' group? I know how you feel girl.

  4. Tell Freeland to CALL US next time he massive object! We could've at least brought him a bottle of water (or a ride!)

  5. These days make you appreciate the mundane-no excitement- thankfully boring days!

  6. Sorry you had such a rough day. It always seems like when one things goes wrong for me it turns into 10 things. I hope today is better for you.

    On another note, I love the pictures you included...what a fun idea!

  7. Ok. This is the week for car trouble. Johnny was driving down the highway when his lug nut flew off and he almost lost his wheel. Then I replaced my battery and starter. Plus 2 other girls in the office are having troubles too. Not cool! I'm glad that you guys are all set now. Love you!!

  8. Oh my goodness Brooke! You poor thing! I am so glad that day is over, and I hope today was much much better!

  9. LOL..........don't u just love days like that??? Had a few of those.

  10. Sounds and looks like fun is an understatement on this one! :) Vacationing like this is sincerely a kodak moment that goes down in my personal history book, never to be forgotten. Sometimes we feel like we want to go to heaven, but heaven seems so far out of reach, but going away on a vacation can surely change ones state of mind and really make you feel on cloud 9. We all need a vacation, we all want one, we should all take one! Whether a cruise, a plane travel, or simply going down to the beach (if you have one in your state) and really enjoy and make the best time out of the experience! Well, let's all go out and have fun because it surely looks like you did!