Monday, November 10, 2008

Brooke and Freeland .. dot com

wedding website

When Freeland & I were planning our wedding we decided to create a wedding website. I loved having it because then everyone could just go there for all the info, directions, etc. And those people who didnt know Freeland from my side of the invite list or didnt know me from his side of the invite list could also get a little glimpse of who we were.. and hopefully feel like they knew us as a "couple" better. It was fun to be able to share our story and some pictures with all the guests too. I also randomly met some pretty nice people who came across our website and were also getting married. It was fun.

Well, I dont know if you remember last year or not when our wedding website was going to expire. The wedding had passed and It's year had run out.

wedding website

I was bummed because I wasnt ready for it to go away. Not that I checked it everyday.. It was just too soon after the wedding and I just liked it.

Well, Freeland surprised me and renewed it for another year. (I know you were all SO excited too that you got one more year checking the site!) But my friends, another year has passed and its expiration date has grown closer and closer

wedding website

So I was left with the question of what to do. This year there REALLY isnt a reason to have it anymore. I didnt even need it last time.. I just wanted it. So, as of today Brooke & Freeland dot com will be expiring.

{moment of silence}

wedding website

Like I planned on doing last year before we renewed it .. Im just going to order a copy of it so I can always have it. I want to keep all the sweet & encouraging comments everyone left.. along with Freeland's proposal story and everything else. And Like I said last year - if any of you ever get sad because you cant check it anymore.. just let me know & I will send you a copy of it to have!

Farewell - it was fun while it lasted.

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