Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bon Qui Qui

I first saw this on Zach & Vanessa's blog.. and fell in love with it. I crack up every time I see it.

Then yesterday a manager at work sent it to me (she used it to show her employee's how to have the right sales attitude) and I was dying - so now Im sharing it with any of you who havent seen it yet!

Oh and I just saw that Ali also posted it on her blog earlier today sooo it seems that this video really is worth watching!

I recommend watching it a few times because it only gets better the more you watch it.

Favorite parts:

I will cut you ...
Dont interupt - rude.
Welcome to King Burger where we can do it your way - but dont get crazy.
I got a complicated order

And her mad rap on the mic:
"On the mic is a queen.. Now listen to me sing.
He wants a number 3... Super size onion ring.
He can come out the house - with no ankle bracelet on ..
But he's got two strikes ..So dont get his order wrong
You know I'm lookin cute.. And there's nothin you can say.
But if you get with me.. We can do it your wayHEEYYY ! "

**You should also watch her Nail Salon act after this video.. it should show up as an option below. Its SOO funny.

Flashback: This time last year {during NaBloPoMo} here: If you sell it, they will come


  1. i loveeeeee this. i love it when she says....

    "oh hey mr williams, how are you to-day sir"


    "dang, is that all??"

  2. So Funny! I glad you typed out the words to her rap...I missed some of them and it is so funny!

  3. HAHAHA. I love Bon Qui Qui. Is that video not halirious. UH SA-CURITY- haha that is my favorite part.

  4. LOL FRICKIN LOL..........I swear this happened in my Target cosmetic aisle the other day. THIS WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I've seen the nail tech video, but not the other. SO funny!

  6. Yes! LOVE it! Z and I quote to each other all the time. Our favs are "rude" "dang, anything else" & "are you sure just dont want a coke?"

  7. it is hilarius i mean funny my aunt is the person that acted it out