Wednesday, October 29, 2008

trying to figure out what snow is

first snow

Like most mornings.. Freeland had to come and wake me up at least 4 times. Finally he said "it snowed lastnight.. wake up so we can go see it together." And .. that worked. I finally got out of bed. Okay, honestly I fell back asleep for another second - but THEN I got out of bed.

Although, just like Monday, it wasnt a lot of snow. But it was still snow. Actually, when I touched it - it felt more like ice. But for us Texans.. thats still snow. And whatever it was actually stuck to the ground this time.

So we tried to make the most of this morning .. and introduce our little zoo to snow.

We took the pups out together first. Oliver was pretty much bouncing everywhere instead of walking. He loved it. He kept licking the ground. Maddie just sniffed everywhere but it didnt seem to bother her. It was pitch black outside so I didnt get any pictures. But it looks like they may enjoy it after all. I will let you know once they are walking in over a foot of snow if they still love it or not.

Then we went inside and tried to see if Sam & Eddie would go onto the back porch so they could see it.

They werent having it.

Eddie tried for a second but then decided it was too wet. Sam just stayed as far away from the door as possible.

first snow

So we stopped. But then after Freeland left for school I thought I would try again. And what do you know - the whole "curious cat" thing worked and they started trying to figure it out.

first snow

Sam was the brave one who went first. I was shocked. It was the most adorable thing ever watching them.

Maybe its because Sam has seen snow before.

first snow
Trying to figure out what it was and why it was wet

She was tip toeing so slow to make sure it was okay. I was cracking up. Please notice how she was walking so low to the ground - like something was on her back. I was dying.

first snow
Turning around unsure what is going on

The way she is standing looks like I put ice skates on her or something and if she moves she is going to slide & fall. Dont worry once she realized it was okay.. She just kept walking around and licking everything.

Then eddie finally decided he would try it out

first snow

I dont know why he went straight towards the edge. If I was nervous - thats not where I would be.

first snow

He finally started to enjoy it also.

Hopefully my neighbors werent awake yet... because they probably would have thought I was crazy if they heard me. I was giving them both little pep talks "its okay eddie.. you can do it.. youre okay Sam... look its just snow.. your doing great.. ahhh Im so proud of you.."

And I was saying that all to cats.. that cant talk.

first snow

So it looks like all of our animals just might enjoy it up here during the winter more than we thought they would. Clearly, the cats stay inside. But atleast the snow doesnt scare them. As soon as there is a chance I will take pictures of the pups in the snow. Its pretty stinkin cute.

Im not sure if it will keep snowing or not. Im told the weather isnt always accurate here. The weekend looks like its going to warm up a little bit again and be beautiful. I guess we will see!


  1. Powers was hilarious jumping around in the snow like a Jackrabbit. Will never forget that sight. I think he loves the snow-doesn't quite know what to think-but likes it anyway. I am sure Maddie & Oliver will be the same way.

  2. that is so adorable. love it! :) enjoy!!

  3. Our Mr. Fozzberr Pie (brown tabby persian) LOVED the snow....he would always come back in with his beard covered in white.