Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Sugarland Concert with my Sugar

Im kidding.. I couldnt help myself. dont worry, I will stop with the pet names.

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All 3 images taken by Sarah. Photo credit here

There have been multiple times I have been home during the afternoon and wondered where in the world Freeland went. He was just here and then all the sudden I cant find him. That's when it occurs to me.. he is outside talking to neighbors.

See, since he takes the dogs out everyday.. and since they are kind of large so you cant really miss them.. and since my husband happens to not only find it very easy to talk to random people - but he also happens to LOVE it... he has really gotten to know all of our neighbors really well since we have been here.

So, when I cant find him, I know he is out talking to a neighbor.

And Im glad he is that way because if he wasnt.. we never would have had such an amazing weekend.

Saturday afternoon Freeland & I were sitting around the house. A VERY messy house I should add. And I still dont think I had brushed my hair - even though we had already been to the store and out that day.. and it was about 4:00. Freeland was studying and I was watching all the shows I recorded over the week.

Then our doorbell rang. It was our neighbor (2 houses down) who has always been very sweet to us. She quickly asked us what we were doing that night. And clearly we werent doing anything (see previous paragraph)

Then she pulled 2 tickets out of her pocket. And said something like "pleasepleaseplease use these tickets Icantfindanyonetousethem I beg you. pleasepleasepleasetakethem." As she held out tickets to SUGARLAND and KELLIE PICKLER she went on to say:

"I know yall are in med school and dont have a lot of money (correction by brooke: make that no money) and I have these tickets and cant go anymore so I would love if yall would please take them and go and have a fabulous date.. my treat."


Here is the problem. Freeland had 2 (TWO) test on Monday and another Shelf Exam today.. so he really needed to study. And on top of that .. Freeland & I arent the biggest country fans. GASP.. I know.. we are from Texas and dont LOVE country!? Shhh.. dont tell.

But, even though I dont love country - I knew this was a pretty big concert and that most people would love the chance to go. I knew this was an incredibly sweet thing she was offering us and I knew it was a huge blessing! She was so excited about it and we hated for the tickets to just sit there and not be used..

So what were we to do? Of course we used them! She said it herself "Im a teacher, and there are times that you should study but there are also times that you just need to take a break." Amen.

So we ran upstairs. Put on our fancy clothes. Sprayed perfume. Threw on shoes. (I finally brushed my hair) And we darted out the door to make it in time. And let me tell you.. IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

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The concert was so much fun! I honestly think it goes down as one of my most favorite nights so far in Erie! And we have had a TON of fun nights!

And.. like I said, going into the concert I wasnt the largest Sugarland fan.. but after probably the 2nd song.. I was jumping up & down screaming as if I had been following them for the last 15 years of my life. I dont think I stopped dancing the entire time we were there.. Oh and after she was on stage for ohhh maybe 5 seconds - she became my "I want to look like that.. I want to dress like that.. oh I want that tattoo.. do you think that would work on me? look at her arms.. ohmygosh her hair is so cute. and of course she plays the guitar!" And so on & so on. It was so much fun. I loved standing & singing at the top of my lungs.. jumping up & down and dancing the entire night with Freeland next to me.

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So in summary, the concert was amazing. If they have a concert near you - you should go! And our neighbor blessed us more than she knows. I never would have realized how giving someone (like us "med school couple") a random night out that we couldnt have done or wouldnt have thought to do ourselves could be so nice.. but it was & we are so thankful!!

I think we should all plan dates like that but then give them to someone else to go on.. and pass the blessings around.


  1. i am SO jealous!! i love sugarland...isn't her voice amazing??! love it. and what a fun surprise of a night!

  2. Aww!! That is such a great story! I am sooooooo jealous you got to go to that concert!! My brother & sister in laws went also, and had a blast!

  3. I know damn well that women (the one asking you to take the tickets) NEVER said "Y'all".

  4. SO FUNNY! yeah.. she probably didnt say yall!! And it further proves my "problem" saying "yall"

    Thanks yall.

    Yall come back ya hear.

    yall. yall. yall.

    there I am done.