Thursday, October 23, 2008

Question: What happens when anatomy is over?

Answer: This is what happens when anatomy class is finally over:

eddie & sam snuggling on top of Freeland while he sleeps


and its been happening LOTS the last 2 days. I actually forgot how much freeland snuggles in the morning until these last 2 days. :)

I am so thankful he has finally finished his anatomy class!! Now its nothing but a faint memory to him. (the class.. not the stuff he learned) And he can go on with his life as a 1st year med student.

Every time I think about it the song "ding dong the witch is dead.. the witch is dead" comes to mind... but it goes "ding dont the class is done.. the class is done"

To me, it feels like he just finished pledging or something.. and now he is officially "in". I mean, I feel like Freeland enjoyed learning it... he just didnt enjoy how much there was to learn.. and how fast you had to learn it. Especially since he had never taken an anatomy class before in his life. (He majored in Biochemistry)


He also worked his tush off and went into school early every morning to study & work on his cadaver. Since most students went into lab after school - he thought it was best to go in the morning.. then he wouldnt be distracted. Which aslo meant he was up even earlier every morning. Meaning, he woke up at 4:00am everyday.. studied.. and then was up at the school & in the lab by 6:00am to get some 1:1 time with the cadaver.

Thats not happening anymore now that its over.. trust me. (or look at the picture above)

But I have a feeling all his hard work will pay off!

My most favorite part is that he wont smell like formaldehyde anymore! Woo Woo! Amen!

So now he starts Microbiology & Physiology. At least I think he does. I would ask him.. but obviously, he is asleep at the moment. And now we get to do all the fun things we had temporarily put on hold! Oh I cant wait!

I will leave you with this:
eddie's face after I woke him up taking the picture.
I think he was daring me to try it again.
He happens to take snuggling very seriously.


  1. HOORAY! I'm glad y'all are enjoying this transition time.

  2. That cat looks super fat, but maybe it's just the way it's laying. I'm sure our brother and sister 2 year old kitties will get that plump one day too, though.

    That 2nd picture makes it look like what they call a "Kitty Loaf". :)

  3. Oh thats because he is super fat! :) But according to the vet.. he is a healthy weight! I dont know if I believe it though.

    I will say this - it does depend on how he is sitting b/c sometimes he looks skinny but then I check back and he is still plump.

    I like the "kitty loaf"!

  4. I love how cats are just so confident...there's no question of permission...if they want to sleep on top of you, they just hop on up and snuggle in. Not that it looks like Freeland minds all that much...Congrats to both of you for surviving that class!