Friday, October 10, 2008

I hope you like to read when people ramble


"The Mrs" (my mom) is coming in town today. Its parents weekend here in Erie. Not really - but it feels like in college when it was parents weekend. We're really excited that she is finally going to get to see where we live and all that Erie has to offer.. and she will get to see the leaves changing.


Which, I feel like this week the colors have really started to 'pop' out everywhere this week! Its gorgeous. It makes each morning, afternoon, and evening so much more refreshing. I think God is a fantastic painter.

fall flowers

I took a half day at work so I could pick my mom up from the airport.. which of course is becoming really a full day of work, but tis life. Im glad I have a j-o-b. And its nice that I stay busy.


Oh hey, did you know our economy is in really bad shape right now? In the chance you hadnt heard - it is. I knew this - but I didnt really feel any of the effects from it until yesterday. Finally my ignorance was whipped into shape. Funny how things can feel so distant until they actually effect you. Strange how that happens.

Oh, and did you also know that I work in Mortgage? True Statement.

Thankfully, we feel a peace. Our faith isnt in our economy & our government.. but in a loving father who knows whats best for us. Im thankful our treasures are in heaven and not here. Its comforting.

fall leaves

Currently listening to the Jars of Clay "Amazing Grace" & other worship songs with the windows open, coffee in my hand, and enjoying the morning makes my soul very happy. Also having a clean house with candles lit makes my soul even happier!


Oh and I finally finished Freelands anniversary gift this week & gave it to him. {and in true Brooke fashion it was only 3 weeks late} but he loved it. I was thankful. There were a few tears. I noticed this morning that its sitting on his night stand next to his bed.. that made me happy. I dont know if he did that on purpose - but either way - it was comforting to imagine him looking at it again before he went to bed each night. More on the gift later. Promise. Pinky Promise.

fall with the puppies

And P.S. Freeland just found out another one of his articles is going to be published!! So now he has 3 publications and 1 patent! I couldnt be more proud & happy for him. He worked his tush off and he deserves it!


  1. Love your pics! Did you know that this weekend actually is Parents' Weekend at Baylor? Nice timing! :)

  2. GREAT PICS-really love the last one. Sorry we will miss seeing Erie this weekend!

  3. Brooke, it is wonderful to hear a woman think Oprah is kinda nutty. I send yall my best! ... and great pics!

  4. Amen to the Oprah comments. LOVE all your Fall pics. And I'm with you on the candles lit with a clean house - one of my favorite feelings!
    Oh, and what kind of camera do you have?

  5. I love love love your fall pics. The colors are so bold and vibrant! Hope yall have a good weekend.

  6. I love love love your fall pics. The colors are so bold and vibrant! Hope yall have a good weekend.

  7. ok ur blogs leave me wanting more. now i want to see your clean house.. but u already knew that.. and i want to know what you made him! hurry!!!!!

  8. Thanks for all your sweet comments!

    Emily - we have a canon eos camera.. we love it.

    paige - I had no idea it was parents weekend! How fun!

    Lora - we missed you this weekend too! We cant wait for yall to come visit soon!

    Amber - they are coming soon - promise! (how long have I been saying that? :)

    Allen! How the heck are you!! I loved seeing your comment! We miss you!