Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween .. and our Pumpkin Par-tay

Happy Halloween!

carving pumpkins


But I think Freeland loves it even more!

Last year was amazing. Ive never seen anything like it. But I have a pretty good feeling we wont be having any trick or treaters this year. And thats okay! At least this way we didnt spend a fortune on candy. And Im really really excited about our party tonight.

The other day adam & camille came over to join in on the Pumpkin Party. We carved some pumpkins, watched Charlie Brown, and ate waaay too much taco soup.. & lots of candy too! It was a blast! Adam carved the ghost & Camille carved a cute little bat. Freeland carved a cat sitting in the window - inspired by our 2 little ones who always sit in the window waiting for us to get home.

carving pumpkins

adam's ghost, freeland's cat, & camille's bat

So where is mine you ask?

Weeelll, I guess I kind of decided to be an over-achiever and picked a design that took way too long. I was still outlining my design when everyone else was finishing theirs! So I didnt finish mine.

But my loving husband stepped in and finished it for me when I gave up. So here is a picture of my pumpkin - really done by Freeland:

carving pumpkins

It says Happy Halloween over the tree

We finished our costumes last night!!

I couldn't believe that we actually had it all together before the day of the party. Thats not like us at all. I mean it was still only the day before so we were still cutting it close. But normally I would be running around the hour before we left. Its nice to be done early. And Im so excited about the costumes!

Want to know what our costumes are?

Well.. I will post pictures after the party. But here is a hint: We are going to be watching the movie that our costumes are from while we get ready tonight. (just for a little fun inspiration).. and I also believe I have blogged about the movie before. Any guesses?

You dont actually have to guess! But I promise to post pictures asap. I cant wait to see, hear, or read about what everyone else is doing! Especially those of you with little munchkins!


  1. Okay seriously your pumpkins are amazing! Well done!

  2. If Freeland ever decides he's over the whole doctor thing, I suggest he goes into professional pumpkin carving!!! Amazing! Last year Jon and I had a carving contest against my parents and Lyric and RT. We were so proud of our "pirate pumpkin", but y'all definitely put ole' Patch to shame!!!

    Have a Happy Halloween!


  3. Sorry, I don't know why that came up anonymous.

  4. Yall are so sweet! And I totally wish I could "ah - thanks we did that all ourselves" buuuutttttt... we traced them. (just dont tell anyone else!)

    And Kori - you asked me to remind you that you still need to start a blog! :) No pressure! Just sayin! Miss you friend!

  5. Hi Brooke,

    I've been looking at your blog because Kim Wilkes said on her blog how fabulous yours was. I just wanted to say that Kim is right. You've got the most stinkin' cute blog I've ever seen.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  6. The pumpkins look awesome!!! Hope you are doing well brooke!

  7. "If you have any other recommendations for farms, festivals, markets, etc that we should go to .. let us know. We love going!"

    My favorite in the Erie area is the Great Lakes Medieval Faire...

    It runs every weekend in July and the first two weekends in August. Great food and entertainment... don't miss the jousting knights!!

  8. We did pumpkins like those one year at a party when we were living in CA. They are alot of work.