Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Chad

the birthday boy - chad, me, nana, and chase before the wedding

Happy Birthday Chad! I cant believe you are already 17. Seems like just yesterday I was changing your diaper .. and then you peed all over me. We wont go into details though.. and it might have been chase. I cant remember.

Chad, we love you and we are both very proud of you. You really have grown up a lot the past few years. I think that you really have embraced what it means to be known and loved by the Lord. I think you are one of the hardest working & mature 17 year olds I know. I also think you have a sweet heart. I love that you know what you believe and you live it. Its been a blessing to watch you grown, learn, and become who you are today. I know it sounds cheesy - especially for someone in high school.. but its all true.

We love you. Happy Birthday. Cant wait to see you over Christmas..

Love your most favorite cousins in the entire world - B & F

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