Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Allison

Allie & Steven on their wedding day. (photo by bob sutton)

Happy Birthday Allie!!

How exciting to celebrate your first birthday as a wife! Allie is my step sister. She was just married back in May.. 2 days before we moved. Most of you all know Allie - especially because she came to live with us for a semester while I was at Baylor. That semester also happens to be the same semester that she started dating Steven .. and that I met Freeland. It was a special semester.

Allie is a great sister. Mark also has 2 other daughters - and to watch Allie's relationship with all of them is amazing. I mean, I know when someone is your sister you just love them .. but I think Allie loves her sisters, her family, and her friends so well. She is always there for them, always willing to sit and talk for hours, happy to drive across town at anytime to help, she rejoices when they rejoice and she is sad when they are sad. Allie has a quite & humble spirit. She has also always been extremely mature for her age. Silly things that matter to most people arent the things that are important to her. And she is always cold.. just like I am! Really, I think someone gives her at least 1 blanket or pair of cozy socks every year for Christmas!

So happy birthday allie. I hope you have an amazing day. Love, B & Free

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