Monday, October 27, 2008

the first snowfall

photo credit here


Freeland called me on his way to class to tell me to look outside.

I looked and there wasn't anything.

THEN all the sudden I saw it. SNOW. Falling. On October 27th.

Of course, it wasnt long.. and it didnt stick.. but it was enough. I loved it.

We had a great weekend with my dad & Tracy in town. The weather was supposed to be crummy and it ended up being BEAUTIFUL. More on that later. Happy Monday.

PS: Im aware that come January the snow may not be as exciting.. but for now it is. So Im embracing it. For us Texans its still glorious.


  1. how beautiful! I am so jealous. I recently met new friends that are from the Erie area and i told them that you recently moved there and they said "Oh I am SO JEALOUS! We loved our home there!" So i think you have found a great place to live. :) I'm happy that you are enjoying it so!

  2. They were calling for snow for me here in the Midwest but it didn't happen...I was really looking forward to it too!

    Glad you enjoyed your first snowfall in Erie!

  3. I remember being so excited for Camille for her first snow fall up here in Erie, and I'm excited for you too! It will be a very magical moment when you wake up and the ground is covered by snow.

  4. Camille called at lunch and said, "MOM, GUESS WHAT!" So even year two the first is magical.

  5. that is fabulous! I loved when I lived in kansas city and it would snow...until I had to get out in it or it got all gross and black after a couple days! :) But there is nothing better than a snowy day at home. Enjoy!

  6. Take it from a life-long Erieite - The snow is magical the first month or so. After you've shoveled it into 5 foot high piles because it hasn't melted for almost 2 months, your idea of "magical" will be a flamethrower or your own personal snowplow :)

    But it is good for me when I get to watch my daughter ride the sled!

  7. Hey Brooke, sorry if I sounded dismal, I just wanted to inject some humor into it :) I'm glad you enjoy the snow, and you're going to get even more tonight and tomorrow according to the weather guy! Later on in the season you'll get to see the REAL Lake Effect when we get almost a foot at once. :)

  8. hey ron! you didnt at all dont worry! I thought it was funny. I know you arent trying to ever dismal so I dont ever take it that way!! :)