Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a fall-ish weekend

As you know, my mom was in town this weekend. She left yesterday. We had a blast and the time went by way too fast. Im glad she finally got to see our home & where we live. I did just realize that we never showed her Lecom though! We pointed to where it was but she never actually saw the school! Next time.

The weather couldnt have been better.. so we spent the entire weekend outside. Im still in the process of uploading the pictures.. cleaning our house.. doing laundry.. working.. and spending time with Freeland. So for now, here is how I would summarize our weekend that we spent doing everything "fallish" we could think of:


corn fields, corn mazes, hay rides, & lots of walking soaking up the weather


pumpkin patches, searching & picking out pumpkins, & lots of farmers markets


apple orchirds, fruit farms, and fresh picked apples. there was wine too


and freeland acting like a little kid the entire time to make it more fun for me.

Thats my mini summary. It was a great weekend. I couldnt believe all the other stuff we packed in. Like Bethany's Birthday, Oktoberfest, Church, meeting friends, the Peninsula, the Northeast, shopping, Waterford, looking at houses, and wineries. Freeland also built us a little fort/pallet to sleep on every night so my mom could have the bed. I was in heaven. I loved it.

oh and my mom surprised Freeland with this:


Lone Star Beer. Yes, my mom bought beer (or had Mark buy it) and brought it all the way here for Freeland to surprise him. Notice it says "Texas Born & Brewed". It's Free's favorite. Oh you should know - its also the cheapest beer in the world - so its nothing fancy. But thats why we love it. Thanks for the surprise!


  1. OK-Did she bring the Lone Star on the plane?

  2. She bubble wrapped all the bottles & then packed it in her suitcase. She took home some wine to Mark and did the same thing on her way back.

    Now if she could only figure out how to get Sonic, Ninfa's, Whataburger, Baris, and Papa Rollo's up here too! :)

  3. LOL, how funny.....there were a bunch of us GE folks that were living in CA back in 2002...whenever someone flew home to PA they would bring back a CASE of ying-ling. Aaaah those were the good ol' days....traipsing through the airport with our case...hoping the bottles didn't break open.

  4. What a busy weekend! I got tired just reading about all that you did. Don't you just love a real fall?!?!