Wednesday, October 8, 2008

declare yourself

Okay, so I admit it, I saw this on a TON of other blogs. Really.. day after day it kept popping up here & there. People all over the internet just begging me to watch it. And did I watch it.. no!

For whatever reason I really wasnt that interested.

Until today.

I finally watched it. And let me tell - now I understand why it was all over the internet. Its good.

So watch.

Warning: major potty mouth language used. Dont say I didnt warn you!
*if you are reading this in a feed reader you may have to click the blog to actually watch the video here:

To find out when your state's registration deadline is, visit here or google: (your state)+voter+registration.

PS - Freeland & I are registered to vote in PA now. We registered almost first thing when we moved here. (because they give you the option when you change your drivers license.. not because we are that amazing & organized) Im excited to vote in a new state... especially since we now live in a "battleground" state.

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