Wednesday, October 1, 2008

dear my 1 consistent reader,

Dear [my 1] reader,

Im sorry that I havent been very faithful lately. Its not you, its me. I cant help it. The truth is I love my husband more than this blog. I know, its a shock. But its true. I understand if you are hurt. Just know that time heals all hurts.

Your friend, Brooke
(or brooklynn, bruk, bizzle, b, chisum, hip hop, blake, or brooke E-D depending on who is reading this)

Im joking. I know there is more than 1 person that reads this. There are at least 2 or 3 people. I kid. Im also aware that your life doesnt center around our blog. So you probably didnt realize we had been missing! :) Thats probably a very good thing!

Umm so, where in the world have we been? Things at work have been busy and Ive been working earlier & later each day, Freeland has been studying a lot because he had a few test back to back, and in all my spare time Im still working on his anniversary gift .. yes it was 2 weeks ago. I get that. But because it was 2 weeks ago and its still not done, I chose to put the gift before the blog.

I hope you understand. I think my husband appreciate it.

But I promise - pictures from our trip, anniversary, and of course - our pets .. are coming soon.

Oh and I also promise to put up picture of our house for you Amber! :)


  1. Hi! Im one of Sarah's cousin and read your blog all the time. You are such a great blogger and great photographer. I am dying to know what you got Freeland for your anniversary. My husband and I also try to do the traditional gifts but it doesn't always work out. Have a good week and sorry I am kind of a blog

  2. Actually, you have 2 blog stalkers! I am Camille's cousin and read your blog often (how dare SHE take a break??!!). My husband and I have the same anniversary....we celebrated 7 years on the 22nd. Y'all crack me up and seem like a great couple, so I will just continue to stalk you!