Tuesday, October 7, 2008

best care package ever ...

On Friday Freeland & I got the best surprise ever!

Zach & Vanessa (who just started a blog & Im so so so excited they did.. click here to read it) sent us a care package all the way from Texas!! Zach was Freelands old roomie from Baylor. Then Vanessa & Zach got married last December and became like a brother & sister to us while we were all still in Waco. We miss them so much all the time!

So, when the UPS guy came to the door - I didnt think anything of it since he normally comes about 3 times a week to deliver something for work.. until he handed us this colorful box! Clearly, this package was not from work! I was so excited!

The box was wrapped in a sign that said "We Miss you"! It was so stinkin cute! I saw right away that the "We" was written the same way that Waco has their "W" all over town and was so excited. So, we ran upstairs and opened it right away!

Here is the W written out like Waco does theirs ..

The rest of the "We Miss you" on the box

Freeland opening the gift

Maddie helping Freeland. I think she could smell Zach & Vanessa and felt like the gift was supposed to be for her. They were her babysitters / best friends in Waco.

Gummy Bears! Vanessa knows me so well! I love gummy bears - especially with my ice cream!

Here is everything they sent us: The most amazing shirts that have the Waco logo on them, pumpkin pie spice coffee, gummy bears, a magnetic dry erase board from The Office that says "Thats what she said" and mug from The Office that says "Employee of the Year!" Everything was so perfect & so thoughtful! We were laughing every time we pulled the next thing out of the box!

They also sent us the sweetest card. That they both signed - like the always do! Vanessa, I love what you wrote! And I love the new theme! We wont forget our roots .. and I love that it all began for all of us in Waco! Oh & I have worn my shirt already way too much. I have also stolen Freeland's and worn his to bed everynight! I love them!

And then they included pictures that they had taken with the sign that said "We Miss You" in front of our old house & in front of Pappa Rollos.. our favorite pizza place! And thats when I started crying! I was already tearing up the entire time opening the gift - but when I saw these .. I couldnt hold back the tears:

Zach with the sign that they wrapped the box in

Vanessa in front of Poppa Rollo's Pizza which is our favorite

Zach in front of our house! I love it!

I was so blown away! It was the cutest idea & everything was so perfect! I couldnt belive how much effort they put into the gift - just to tell us that they loved us & missed us! Thank you so so so much ZMoney & V.. we LOVE it! We miss you both so much and cant wait to see you! We also cant wait for you to come visit .. or move up here. Just a thought. Think about it!


  1. Ooooh they did good! Those shirts are awesome! Do they come in a onesie?

  2. zach and vanessa, eh? as in efron and hudgens?

  3. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you loved everything! We really do miss you guys a lot and can't wait to see you in Dec! Love you!

  4. What sweet friends you have...I love the sign and pictures that they took of your favorite places in your old town.