Monday, September 8, 2008

a year and 4 animals later ..

Sam turned 1! I cant believe it was just a year ago that we found her... meowing & hiding in our garage from the rain.. and then sleeping in our compost pile! I will never forget Maddie thinking she was Sam's mom. (click the link above to see pictures of that! priceless) And even though I never thought we would have 4 animals I must say that Im really stinkin glad we do because its fun.. and Sam makes it that way most the times.

You should also know that Freeland has admitted, more than once, that Sam is by far his favorite. Just dont tell the dogs that.

So we had to celebrate. Cause its what we do

Freeland & I celebrated Saturday. Had a party. Ate waay too much. Then we let Sam do the same:

sam digging in. She hasnt had wet food since she was a month old

making sure nobody else was going to take her food. Another cat that we wont name happens to try that sometimes.

Then we decided to let Eddie join the party

Sam realizing Eddie was also getting food

"was it you that gave it to him"

still celebrating

The dogs joined in also. But they waited for the cats to finish their food first. Pretty sure everyone went to bed fat & happy that night! Like I said before, I never would have thought adopting Sam would have been so much fun. We already had 3 animals. But she is so adorable and always playful .. she completely changed the dynamic of our little "zoo".

People ask me all the time if all of our animals get along & surprisingly they dont just get along - they also love each other. let me pull out some pictures to show you. Just because you asked.. not because im obsessed with putting random pictures of our kids, I mean animals, on here:

yes, sam was hiding in that bag

its not only the other animals she loves

You should know that its not always cuddly though. Sometimes this happens:

just hanging out on the crate & barrel boxes

then bam. it becomes a boxing match

eddie getting back at sam & bringing her down

and sam finishing it off

They are crazy. But it does always go back to this afterwards:

Dont worry - no more pictures of our animals! Unless you click here or here

Happy Birthday Sam. Wish Zach was here to celebrate with you - I think he loves you the most!

Oh and it was brought to my attention that some of you may not know - Sam is a girl. Its short for Samantha. And to think all this time you were thinkin she was a boy?? The end.


  1. Hi Brooke,

    Glad you found our blog. I REALLY need to update it! Yours looks great! Let me know when you next meeting is. I'd love to continue to come. Hope we can get together sometime.