Wednesday, September 17, 2008

World Hunger Relief Farm in Waco, Texas

world hunger farm

I know - I have had way too many videos on this thing lately. But right after I posted the adorable one below I started reading through and getting updated on my friends blogs.. and that's when I saw this video. (well... the one below)

You may not know that I am married to a farmer (not really) but really when Freeland & I were dating he lived out at the World Hunger Farm as a live-in volunteer. Did you know that?

Yep, he woke up early.. milked the goats, worked in the garden, planted & picked vegetables, built some stuff, cleaned the compost ... and then sometimes he helped with the bee harvest & out at the pecan orchard.. other times he looked after the baby goats, learned how to dig wells, learned how to make goat cheese, and I think once he drove the tractor around too...

Those are just a few examples of what the day looked like. And that was just for him. Everyone there has different responsibilities and does a handful of random exciting things. I respect them all because its HARD WORK people! I dont think I could have done it. But oh - the rewards of the hard work are incredible!

It was an amazing experience and something we are both incredibly grateful for. I wish he could have lived out there longer! Unfortunately he was finishing his masters & also studying for the MCAT at the same time.. and there arent 40 hours in one day.. so thats why he didnt live there all the way until our wedding.

The farm is a christian non-profit farm that is working to alleviate hunger around the world. You should really look at their website to read more {or read this article its really really good, or their blog, or watch this video} I wouldnt begin to do it justice trying to tell you how wonderful it is. I love the farm because: they believe in what they are doing & live it daily, they grow their own food & veggies, they share it with the community, they raise animals {goats, sheep, chickens and rabbits} for milk eggs & meat, they keep bees for honey, they have a pecan orchard, they do local education, and they know what it means to live in community... Just to name a few! Oh did I mention they use compost toilets?

The video below is from their Honey Harvest. Watching it made me smile & miss Waco. Seeing familiar faces & friends that we love & miss even made me tear up a bit. (Like Kris, Steph, and all the kids!)

But this will give you a glimpse at one of the many, many, many things they do out at WHR:

World Hunger Relief Honey Harvest 2008. PS - Best Honey EVER. Period.

If you want to see {old} pictures you can click here .. and you really should click and view them because I heart the farm.. and that way you will get to see what the farm is actually like. No pressure .. but click it and look at the stinking pictures already.

I also think people thought Freeland was joining a cult or something when he said he was moving there & they didnt know what it was! That cracks me up.

Okay go look at the pictures...


  1. SEE....he CAN grow some goats and harvest some goat cheese for me. I like mine with herbs Freeland, please.

  2. i just love your blog. it's so fun to see the different activities that you would only see or know about if you're a newby in fun. and i must say as a seminewlywed i really respect what a great example of true faith in christ you both seem to have. keep up the great blogging. (isnt this blog world addicting!!!)