Thursday, September 25, 2008

With the big celebrations this week I completely forgot to mention all the other things going on! I feel they all deserve a mentioning on this blog. So here we go.

Sunday was Oliver's 4th Birthday.

Oliver as a wee little puppy. look at those eyes - the melt your heart dont they?

We havent celebrated yet, but we plan to this weekend. Hopefully he doesnt mind celebrating a few days late. Last year we waited almost an entire month to celebrate b/c of the honeymoon and the whole "lets move in together" thing. (although he was already living with me for the last year .. it was Freeland that he had to adjust to! :)

Oliver much bigger trying to lick the camera

Who knows - maybe he will even invite this goober to the party now that they are back in the same town:

powers flirting

Monday was the anniversary, in the chance that somehow you missed the last 400 post on here. :) But Monday also officially marked another important day!

Its been one year since Freeland has had a big wad of nasty tobacco in his mouth! Im very proud of him

Brooke & Freeland 566

Yes, he used to dip. He had the habit for years and years. When we first started dating he wouldnt do it around me because he was embarrassed (and possibly he should have been?) But then I told him that I wasnt ever going to try to change him and so eventually he was comfortable enough to do it around me.

Then a year or so later he tried to quit. It lasted a good while. Until a man on the farm was dipping and asked him if he wanted any. DUMMY! But it got him right back in the habit. I didnt complain because it was also while he was taking the MCAT and I knew he felt like it helped him study.

Oh and once he went to the dentist and I was all "oh just wait - she will tell you that you have to stop because you are ruining your gums etc." and what do you know.. she says "wow, your gums look amazing! What are you doing? They are sooo healthy!" What?

So even though now I clearly have an opinion about him dipping, I didnt then. It really didnt bother me and I never asked him to quit. When we were engaged though he decided he wanted to quit on our wedding day. And what do you know - he did.

And he hasnt gone back since. Im very proud of him. I know its an incredibly hard habit to quit. So I had to mention that Monday was also the 1 year of Freeland not having nasty dip in his mouth.


It was also the first official day of Fall. This makes me so happy. The leaves are still changing and all I want to do is make a pile to run & jump in.


eddie & Sam love the leaves falling .. they chase them everywhere on the porch

It was also the premiere of Heroes this week! And like a gazillion other shows Im so excited about. (IE: The Office tonight) PS - Jan was on the Martha Stewart show today.

Soo Happy Birthday Oliver, Im proud of you Freeland, Welcome Fall, and Im so happy all new episodes are back on TV.

Its been my favorite week ever.


  1. Whoa, that's a really good picture of Powers! Happy fall, no dip, birthday Oliver!

  2. i totally "get" everything you said about the dip. my husband started dipping when he was 19. when we started dating i had NO IDEA he did it because he wouldn't do it around me. then, because he didn't ever do it, i made the mistake of saying it didn't bother me. oops. let's just say there was no turning back. ha. and like you, i've never asked him to stop...just given him the cancer talks every now and then. he's thinking when we have babies he will quit. i hope so!!!!

  3. I wanted to name the 2nd child "Oliver" but my hubby wouldn't go for we ended up with Maxwell Oliver.

  4. Happy Belated Anniversay! I loved your NY story and all of the pictures. It made my heart melt! :) What a sweet way to spend your first anniversary.
    And PS - way to go Freeland on the 1yr of not dipping. That is a huge accomplishment, especially w/ all the stress of med school!